Summer Time

The change from winter to summer time, aka “daylight savings time“, was effected here last night – so we were pilfered  😉  an hour. And thus we’re now back “only” six hours compared to Germany, until they change their clocks to summer time at the end of March. I really don’t understand what all that rubbish with summer and winter time is about. To me it doesn’t make any sense. I think Arizona is to be commended as they don’t take part in all that winter-summer-time-nonsense. And why – if we really have to change clocks here in the US – why don’t we do that on the same day as other countries?

Oh, and one other thing: here in Texas we’re in the Central Standard Time Zone of the USA.


10 responses to “Summer Time

  1. Savings Time was invented right here in the United States and then spread throughout the world, so my question would be, “Why don’t all the other countries change time on the same day as the U.S.?”

    Also, the theory, and I think it’s a good one even though I don’t have children, is that you don’t want your children walking home from school in the dark, and since families tend to get together in the afternoon and evening rather than in the morning, there is more daylight for families to enjoy. One last item is that farmers have a longer day to accomplish all of their plowing and stock feeding.

    Of course, if people would learn to wak up early, like I have always done, then the time that daylight actually comes and goes is moot.

    • Hi Russel,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by here at my blog and leave a comment. I hadn’t knoiwn that daylight savings time had been invented in the US. And your explanation makes sense. I think with me it’s mostly old-age stubbornness that makes me rail against DST. 😉
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  2. Not only that, they also seem to change the summertime always on a different weekend.
    I imagine that you also got suddenly the real warm weather in Texas.

  3. ja Arizona ist nicht so doof und macht bei diesem zirkus mit der zeitumstellerei mit. ich glaub ich zieh nach Arizona, ich bin die kaelte hier in Ohio sooo leid.

    *zu dir nach Tx. runter wink*

    • Kann ich verstehen. Aber würde dir eine mehrmonatige schwüle Hitze besser gefallen? Wir sollten wohl das Herumzigeunern in Wohnwagen anfangen: da könnten wir immer zum guten Wetter reisen! 😉

  4. Danke dir sehr für die guten Wünsche und das Daumen- und Pfotendrücken, lieber Pit 🙂

    Aha, 6 Stunden Zeitunterschied .. ich kann mir das nie richtig merken. Der Sommerzeit steh ich mit gemischten Gefühlen gegenüber ..die Stunde fehlt mir anfangs immer sehr, so ein Mini-Jetlag, andererseits mag ich die langen Sommerabende, wo es bis ca 22 Uhr noch hell ist ..

    Liebe Grüße aus dem leicht verschneiten Süddeutschland,

  5. Luckily, we don’t have any day time saving changes here in South Africa. However, as we deal with so many people overseas, we always have to keep an eye on it rather closely.

  6. Right you are. In fact it takes me several weeks getting used to it.



  7. changing the clocks just messes me up. I don’t get it.

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