All the Wonderful Fragrances of the Orient …

… were what I believed to smell late last night when I was walking Chiquita in the garden. It maybe because meanwhile spring is coming. But don’t get me wrong, please, as far was “wonderful fragrances” are concerned. It wasn’t the nice smell of flowers that got into my nose, but in our old garage [pic], where, among other things, our “beasts” are being fed, very likely a raccoon had made itself at home again [I had already suspected that since three times I had recently found the cats’ and dogs’ food bowls absolutely empty and licked clean in the mornings] and feasted on the cat and dog food. And very likely it had also deposited its “leftovers” somewhere. It smelled – to put it mildly – quite distinctly like that.

And when Chiquita pulled me farther into the garden, another “exquisite” smell hit my nose: this time it was the smell of a skunk. And that made me quite hastily remove myself and Chiquita to the house, because I really didn’t want to get into a closer acquaintance with that “Texas Critter.” With that I would have excluded myself from human fellowship for two to three weeks. And I really don’t want to become a hermit – not even temporarily.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lessen, hier klicken.


4 responses to “All the Wonderful Fragrances of the Orient …

  1. hahaha! That’s all pretty funny.

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