Morning Rituals

For a retired person life is unhurried and one is not being crudely torn out of one’s sleep by the alarm clock at a time when body and mind are not yet feeling like being awake and running about. For me that means: unless there is an early appointment, I only get up when I awake naturally. At present that is some time between 7 and 8 a.m., mostly around 7:30 to 7:45. If I can wake up “naturally” – in a manner of speaking – I’m up to scratch immediately. If it is, on the other hand, only half an hour before my “natural” time tghat I’m forcibly woken up by my alarm clock, it might be half the morning before I’m really and fully awake.

Well, the first item on the agenda after waking up is feeding the “beasts”. It is especially Sister Fidelma who at that time will be sitting at the door from the kitchen to the hallway and will be heartrendingly meowing. So she’ll get her food first, plus whatever cat will have spent the night in the house. Then it’s time to start the coffeemaker – after all I need to have my goodies, too – and the computer.

And then it’s time for Chiquita and Sally to be walked. Before we got Chiquita, I could simply let Sally go out by herself, as she never runs towards the highway, but with Chiquita we are not so sure and that’s why I prefer to walk her on a leash. Most of the times I also take cat and dog food with me to feed the hungry mouths that have spent the night outside.

When we all are done and inside again, the coffee is usually raedy and the computer has booted up and it’s time for the morning news. First I check my e-mails and read some of them, and then the online news: the “Die Welt” and “Die Zeit” for the German-language news, and “The New York Times” plus, sometimes, “The Daily Telegraph” and “The Guardian” for news in English – all of that perused with a mug or two of good coffee. And it’s also the blogs I’m subscribed to that I read – and maybe comment on. Later – unless there is some pressing matter – I walk to the highway to get the mail and, on Tuesdays through Sundays, our printed paper, the San Antonio-Express News.

Breakfast time is whenever I feel like it, some time in the course of the morning. My coffee is much more important than my food.  😉

Um diesen Artikel in Deutsch zu lessen, hier klicken.

6 responses to “Morning Rituals

  1. I never got addicted to coffee. My morning addictions are the news and a hot shower.

    • A shower? Hmm! Once a year, even if it’s not necessary! 😉
      But seriously: it depends on what my plans are. If it’s gardening or anything else that will make me sweat, I won’t have a shower in the morning, but after the work.
      Best regards on a sunny day,

  2. We are glad we are part of your day 🙂 xx

    • You’re most welcome! 🙂 And you’re a very impawtant part of our day! Well, Sister Fidelma and Mr. Pickwick would certainly disagree and say the MOST impawtant part of our day. 😉

  3. Ah, so you are like me. Cannot function without the coffee but forget the food sometimes 🙂 Your morning rituals sound wonderful and I’m really pleased you take food for the poor critters that have spent the night outside. I’m sure they are extremely grateful.

    • Those little critters outside – as those inside – always let me know that they’re nearly starving after a few hours without food. 😉

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