Wonderful: it’s raining!!!

Normally it’s not that one would be happy about continuous rain, but hereabouts we are. We’ve been having nearly contunuous rain since last night – sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less – and it looks like it’ll be going on all day. Simply marvellous. Of course it’s quite dark and overcast outside, and there are puddles in the driveways and in the garden, but that’s a most magnificent and welcome view. We really wouldn’t mind it that went on for days on end. Sometime soon I’ll put on my anorak and check our raingauge.


8 responses to “Wonderful: it’s raining!!!

  1. I love rain……… long as it either rains while I’m asleep or rains far, far away from me……lol

  2. Enjoy the rain. I know how you feel as we are in the same position here – elated when we get a good, soaking rain.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and leave a comment. 🙂 We certainly did enjoy the rain. Unfortunately the rain we were promised for last night didn’t materialize. So we’ll have to hope.
      Best regards,

  3. It has been raining here for several days off and on and some drizzle in between. Only problem, it is all frozen rain, snow. Thankfully it has warmed up enough that it is melting, but we are to get another opportunity for more tomorrow. I am thankful for the precipation, soon it will be gardening weather.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and leaving a comment. We’re thankful for every single drop we get, after those years of (extreme) drought, and I don’t think anybody would mind even weeks of rain. This time, btw, it was really beneficial rain, 1.55″ in a little more than 12 hours: nothing that would create a flooding and simply run off, but something that could easily soak into the soil.
      Best regards from southern Texas and happy gardening sometime soon,

  4. It’s raining here in San Antonio also, well sorta raining, mostly drizzly but I’ll take it!

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