Chiquita’s …

… real name ist Tippy! Today we had a phone call from her owner, a woman from New Mexico. That’s why it took her that long to get into contact with us. She had only chanced to see our flyer in the public library today as she needed to have a few copies of documents done there. This woman is only here in Karnes City to take care of the estate of her dead grandmother, who, btw, was the “real” owner of Tippy/Chiquita. We didn’t exactly understand for how long this old woman has been dead. Maybe it’s been a while and Tippy/Chiquita has been in New Mexico with this old womand’s granddaughter for some time. It could well be since Tippy/Chiquita was definitely happy to see this woman. The moment she came in, she ran up to her, her tail wagging, and constantly tried to jump up her legs. No doubt that what the woman claimed was true. Tippy/Chiquita seems to have run away from her here in Karnes City when she was outside in the garden, and then this little Poodle-Schnauzer lady must have been quite adventurous as she must have run all the way from about the centre of the city to here, all of two and a half miles, across a few frequently travelled road, including the busy highway here. She must have been very lucky not to have been run over. We talked to the owner for some time and then decided to accept her offer to keep Tippy/Chiquita, as she had made herself quite at home here already. But the clinching argument was that she can’t keep Tippy/Chiquita in the house here – she is not alloowed to do that – and since she doesn’t want to keep her on a leash in their unfenced garden there’s the real likelihood that, in all probability, this adventurous and nosy little doggie will only run away again – and who knows what’s going to happen to her then. We assured the woman that she can always come by and visit with Tippy/Chiquita, and that – should she be so minded – she can even take her to New Mexico with her when she goes back to live there, But I don’t see this happening. Oh, we also got to know that Tippy/Chiquita is quite a bit older than we, and out vet, Dr. Patton, had assumed: she is 14! Well, as we’re going to keep her, we’re also going to the name we gave her: she’ll remain “Chiquita”.

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5 responses to “Chiquita’s …

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  2. Das hört sich doch ganz nach Happy End für Chiquita an🙂 Schön, dass die Dame sich gemeldet hat – noch schöner, dass sie bei Euch bleiben darf. Mit 14 Jahren ist sie ja nicht mehr die Jüngste😉 Euer kleiner Zoo ist im letzten Jahr schon beachtlich gewachsen😀

    Liebe Grüße

    • Hallo Wolke,
      danke, dass Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast, hier in meinem Blog vorbeizuschauen und auch einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Wir sind auch froh, dass sie bei uns bleiben kann/darf. Für ihr Alter ist sie übrigens noch putzmunter. Zu unserem Zoo: er hat noch nicht wieder die Ausmaße wie früher einmal. Da waren es einmal maximal 3 Hunde und 10 Katzen. Leider ist hier auf dem Lande mit den Wildtieren und dem vielbefahrenen Highway vor der Haustür der “Umsatz” [wenn ich das einma so krass sagen darf] sehr groß. Es werden doch immer mal wieder Haustiere überfahren bzw. von Wildtieren getötet. Lässt sich eben leider nicht ändern. Aber, wie Du hier im Blog ja lesen kannst, es kommen auch immer wieder neue Hausgenossen, und wir nehmen sie gerne auf.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas, und kraul’ doch bitte Diego mal ganz lieb von mir,
      P.S.: Und. damit er sich nicht zurückgesetzt fühlt, einen lieben Klaps für Shaman.

  3. How amazing that the woman found her at all. I am glad, however, that you have chosen to keep her as it seems like the best solution all around. It’s nice that you finally have some history to go with her.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by and visit my blog and for leaving a comment. 🙂 We agree: it seems to be the best solution, and we’re really happy that it allows us to keep that sweet and cute doggie.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

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