News about Our Four-Legged Crew

Let’s start with Chiquita – that’s our foundling’s name: she has settled in here and made herself at home very well, and sometimes is (quite) attentive …


Chiquita – (Fairly) Alert

… and sometimes just plain lazy.


Chiquita – (More or Less) Sacked out

The vet’s examination turned out positive: she’s healthy and doesn’t have worms. Of course, as we didn’t know anything about her history, she got all the necessary vaccinations, and a bath, too. That was necessary, as she must obviously have had to live rough for a while. And now she has a most wonderful smell with her still. According to Dr. Patton she is between 8 and 10 years old, and she is mainly Poodle, with some Schnauzer thrown in and, as Dr. Patton said, “whatever else.” And she has very likely been spayed. Dr. Patton believes he can feel the scars from that (kind of) surgery. Not that we would have expected problems in that area as we don’t have a male dog around, but we feel more comfortable now as you never know who might happen to pay a visit hereabouts in the countryside. Talking of “made herself at home”: after two “accidents” in the first two days, for which it was more us than her who were to blame, she has proved herself house-trained. We take her out – on the leash still as we don’t dare yet to let her be outside without close supervision since we fear she might still run off onto the highway – and then she does her business promptly. When she is in need to go out she makes herself felt, not by barking, though, but by some agitated movements. She gets along very well with Sally, but then Sally is patience personified. There has been some barking towards Sister Fidelma and Mr. Pickwick, and Mr. Pickwick was somewhat reluctant to cross Chiquita’s path for a day afterwards, but that seems to have subsided in the meantime. She gets her food outside only, but she is quite picky about it: after we have been giving her a mix of timed and dry food for a few days, with her always gobbling down the tinned food first, she now keeps waiting when she gets dry food if we might add something tastier, i.e. tinned food, too. And only after quite a while she reluctantly agrees to eat the dry food. Quite an intelligent lady, isn’t she?  😉  Talking of being fed outside: in the house she can beg quite well! But we don’t give in to that, so that she’ll hopefully give up that habit some time (soon). And we’ll have to make sure there’s no cat food around on the floor. That’s a delight for her and she rushes to gobble that up, as does Sally, btw, if we don’t watch out. She follows me outside and there follows me around or sniffs around on her own, but I always  keep an eye on her and have the leash with me to catch her lest she might run off onto the highway.

Sally is, as said above, very patient. Here’s a picture of her with Sister Fidelma:

cat & dog

Sally and Sister Fidelma


These two do get along with each other very well indeed and, as shown here, even share Sally’s pillow. It is only when Sister Fidelma misses her mummy too much – which  still happens off and on – and starts looking for and nuzzling at Sally’s tits that Sally can get a tad gruff. But mostly she simply gets up and settles down in a different spot where she can lie down undisturbed. And if Sister Fidelma, or Mr. Pickwick, or – lately – Chiquita for that matter make themselves comfortable smack dab in the middle of Sally’s pillow, she comes sidling up to me, looking at me with her big faithful eyes and seems to ask, “And where am I supposed to lie down now?” Btw, Sally has successfully – we hope – had her surgery again to take care of one of those old wounds inflicted by the javelinas, which had opened up again and started to ooze. Last Friday the staples were removed and now she doesn’t look any more like a living advertisement for Black & Decker staplers.  😉  This morning we found a spot, though, that looks as if it’s open still, but we’ll wait and see. If it looks oozing still tomorrow, we’ll take her to Dr. Patton again for him to have a closer look.

Sister Fidelma and Mr. Pickwick have grown a lot, but they are still young, of course, and accordingly very playful. Thus the cardboard boxes from our Christmas presents were wonderful play toys for them:

Cardboard Boxes Are Wonderful Playing-Fields

Cardboard Boxes Are Wonderful Playing-Fields

What might be in here?


A Present for Me?

I’m quite happy in the cardboard box on my own, too:


Cat in the Box

And to bring this posting to a close, here’s a picture of Bixby as I got him in the garden, in the corral to be exact, this afternoon:




Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

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9 responses to “News about Our Four-Legged Crew

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  2. Fine, fine, fine four-legged furry friends!

  3. What a stunning menagerie of animals. They are gorgeous. Glad Chiquita’s found such a wonderful home with you. She must have been someones pet, being house trained and seeming to know exactly how to bribe you into the good food options 🙂

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by and visit my blog and for leaving a comment. 🙂 I’m glad yoz think the animals are gorgeous. We like them a lot, too. Ever so much. Btw, the animals shown here in this post [Chiquita, Sally, Sister Fidelma, Bixby and Mr. Pickwick] are not all of ours. There are more kitties: Zsa, Frankie and Pepper. All of our animal companions, btw, are strays, who have either just wandered by and stayed, or were found by us or by friends of ours and then given to us.
      And re Qhiquita: you’re right. She full well knows how to bribe us. 😉
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  4. Hi Pit 🙂 was für ein toller Blogpost … und ich mußte ja sehr grinsen wegen Black & Decker 😉 Gut, dass sie alles gut überstanden hat. Diese Javelinas müsen ja wirklich ganz schön heftig drauf sein. Hab mir mal im Google Bilder davon angeschaut – puh.

    Und einen “Findel-Hund” habt Ihr jetzt – wie schön! Super, dass sich alle gut vertragen. Das Betteln haben sie halt schon gut drauf, gell? Ich muß zugeben, daß wir aus Gutmütigkeit unserer Lisa schon mal nachgeben, wenn sie bettelt. Und dann kommt sie natürlich immer wieder. Es sieht halt zu niedlich aus, wenn sie uns ihre Pfote hinstreckt. Als sie solche Rückenschmerzen hatte, konnte sie nichtmal mehr das – und das war echt schlimm mit anzusehen. Dann lieber betteln 😉

    heute abend, wenn sie weiterhin keine Symptome mehr zeigt, was ich ganz arg hoffe, geht es zur Physiotherapie.

    Alles Gute für Euch und liebe Grüße 🙂

    • Hallo Ocean,
      freut mich sehr, dass Dir sieses Posting so gut gefällt.
      Was die Javelinas [] angeht: die können wirklich schlimm sein. Unseren Buster [der leider wohl im Hundehimmel weilt] haben sie vor Jahren einmal so zugerichtet, dass er es kaum überlebt hat. Und möglicherweise waren sie auch am seinem Verschwinden/Ableben [] beteiligt. Wie die Javelinas Sally vor einem Jahr zugerichtet haben, kannst Du hier [] sehen. Aber Vorsicht: die Bilder sind nur etwas für starke Nerven!
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

  5. Wow, you guys have an animal in every corner! Very cute!

    • Hi Alex,
      Well, you may be right there. The maximum so far was – some years ago – 3 doggies and 10 kitties. We’re used to joking that especially the kitty population hereabouts must have signposts out saying something like, “if you need a (new) home, try the Hickok place!” 😉
      Take care, and have a good one,

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