Very likely our “zoo” has a new member again. When Mary drove to town – or should I rather say “village” – shortly before noon last Thursday, she saw a little doggie on the other side of the highway just across from our driveway, all by himself playing forlornly with some flattened soda cans. From town she called me on her cell and asked me to investigate and, if the doggie was still there, take care of it and make sure it wouldn’t be run over. Well, I went out and across the highway, where this cute little being was still sniffing at and playing around with those cans, and, thank goodness, had not been run over yet. It let me readily come close and even scratch it behind its ears and pat it. But when I got up, it started to mosey away, first on the shoulder, but then on the highway itself. I immediately ran after it, warning the approaching traffic with handsignals, and everybody was really careful, giving this little doggie as wide a berth as the oncoming traffic allowed for, and with some drivers even completely stopping – which is not exactly risk-free on a highway where other cars approach at 70 mph and might easily rear-end you. Luckily I was quickly able to cathch that little rascal again and decided to take it back to our place, not, though, before asking some people who were at work at the oil well across from our place if it belonged to one of them. But they denied, and thus it’s here for the time being and seems to enjoy its life:


New Doggie

Talking of “it”: actually – we had a closer look – it’s a “she”.

Today I was in town and put up a few flyers to find out if someone is missing this doggie, but we don’t think anyone will answer. How this little imp got away from its owner or if it was just abandoned by the roadside – we don’t know. It was not scruffy nor undernourished – somewhat hungry xdefinitely, and one could easily see that this little lady had been wandering around through tall grass for all the leaves that were in her coat, but nothing pointed to a long Odyssey.

Tomorrow she has an appointment with our vet, for a first thorough check-up. Very likely she’ll get her routine vaccinations, as we don’t know what kind of veterinarian care she has had so far. And she’ll get a nice bath, too.

Just now we’re keeping her mainly in the house, and outside on a leash only, so that she won’t run away, because at one time, on Saturday, she did run onto the highway again – strange, as she had been outside on her own all Friday night, in the back of our property, next to her food bowl. But we hope that she’ll get used to her new surroundings quickly and won’t run too far even withoiut a leash – just as Sally never runs towards the highway. Talking of Sally: she has quietly and calmly accepted that new addition to our household, without making any fuss about it.

Here’s another picture, btw:


New Doggie Again

To me she doesn’t look copmpletely pure bred, btw: plenty of Schnauzer in her for sure, but also some Poodle, I’d say, judging by her curly hair. It remains to be seen what Dr. Patton, our vet, will tell us tomorrow. We don’t have a name for her yet, as Mary is still thinking, but for the time being either “Sophie” or “Chiquita” are options. Let’s wait and see what else Mary might come up with.

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12 responses to “Foundling

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  3. I wish I had the time, room, and money to have my own little zoo!

    • Well, we certainly have the room here, even if the property is small by Texas standards. And, being retired, we also have the time. But then, even when my wife was still working and I wasn’t here yet, she used to have kitties [as many as 10] and dogs [at some time as many as 3]. As to money: oh YES, it can be a drain on the coffers. With Sally’s encounter with the javelinas a year ago plus the cat flu we spent more than the equivalent of our upcoming flights to Europe and back on our animals. But we never count that. We like having animals and bgiving them a shelter and thus we spend the money without question. It is simply ever so rewarding to have them around. Let’s hope the oil-money will keep coming in. 😉

  4. …wie gut, dass Ihr sie gefunden und gerettet habt! Chiquita passt gut zu ihr als Name ..sie sieht einfach knuffig aus 🙂

    • Hallo Ocean,
      “knuffig” finde ich gut für Chiquita. 🙂 Was das Retten angeht: alle 7 unserer Katzen und beide Hunde sind im Grunde “gerettet”. Entweder sind sie uns zugelaufen, oder wir bzw. Freunde von uns haben sie aufgelesen. Wir scherzen immer, dass die Katzen hier in der Umgebung wahrscheinlich Hinweisschilder aufgestellt haben, so mit dem Mott, “Wenn ihr nicht wisst, wohin, dann geht zu Mary und Pit!” 😉
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

  5. Sally seems really adorable, always welcoming new furry friends!

  6. Well done for rescuing her. At least we know that, if no-one claims her, she’ll have a great home with you. Congrats!

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for taking your time to come by and visit my blog and leaving a comment. And thanks for the praise. 🙂 We assume that no one will claim her and that she’ll stay with us. Yesterday we had a call and someone asked if we had found a/the doggie, but when my wife answered that we had, there was first a pause and then that person hung up. Maybe someone just wanted to be sure that their doggie – runaway or deliberately left behind – had found a new home. Well, that’s fine with us. We don’t mind – quite the contrary. All our 7 cats and – now – 2 dogs are foundlings/strays.
      Just now Chiquita – that’s the name my wife has come up with – is with our vet, for a first check-up, deworming and vaccination, plus a bath. We’ll get her back later today. Btw, she’s already less frightened and walking fine on her leash, and – after two “accidents” – has become well housetrained.
      Best regards from southern Texas and good luck finding Jangles,

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