Beam me down, Scotty, …

how often have we heard this command in all the episodes of Startrek. But last Thursday, at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, he didn’t need any transponder but ran – amazingly fast at the age of 81 – onto the stage on his own to entertain us for nearly 2 hours with his programme “Shatner’s World – We Just Live in It“. And entertaining – mostly funny, sometimes hilariously so, and at times quite thoughtful – this one-man-show really was.

Basically it was the story of his life, beginning with early childhood in Montreal/Canada. His (early) films were mentioned as well as his love for horse and horse-breeding [something I didn’t know about him as I didn’t know about his other roles in films and theatre, e.g. as Henry V in Shakespeare’s play of that same name, and of course Star Trek was not to be left out – but that wasn’t the dominating subject at all. As Shatner himself remarked, “This is not a Trekkie convention.” And this, a self-critically ironical undertone which permeated extensive parts of the show is what made the show so entertaining: not at all self-aggrandizing as the title might have led one to assume.

Finally a short remark as to the Paramount Theatre: as well as the Majestic in San Antonio the Paramount is a theatre of old renown, nowadays mostly financed by donations. The interior is as much overloaded with decorations as is the Majestic, only not quite that extremely.

Read a review here: The Huffington Post

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One response to “Beam me down, Scotty, …

  1. Back when I lived in Texas, I used to travel to Star Trek conventions throughout the nation. Now I just let all the Star Trek stars come to San Diego each year to Comic Con.

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