A Weekend in … Rockport/Fulton – Part 2

On our second day in Rockport/Fulton we wanted to do some sightseeing and just drive around in the area. Doing that, we soon, after having crossed that big bridge


Rockport/Fulton: Copano Bay Bridge

which spans the entrance to Copano Bay, passed the turn-off to Goose Island State Park and decided to visit it. We didn’t know it the yet, but with that decision any other sightseeing was done for, since we enjoyed the park that much and there was so much to be seen that we spent our whole day there. At the ranger station  at the entrance we paid our day-fee of $10 [to camp out there or stay overnight with an RV cost more, of course] and at the end of the day we agreed that the fee was well worth paying for a well-maintained nature reserve.

This park, as all of Rockport/Fulton, mainly caters for fishermen with a pier that extends far into the lagoon


Goose island State Park: Fishing Pier


Goose island State Park: Fishing Pier

There’s not much of swimming in the sea there, as is, e.g., at our other favourite seaside resort, Port Aransas, as on the one hand Rockport/Fulton has no beach with fine sand to speak of, and on the other hand it is on the mainland behind a chain of outlying islands so that there’s no surf and besides the water is very shallow and until quite far away from the coastline one can easily wade there


Goose Island State Park: Fisherman


Goose Island State Park: A Different Kind of “Fisherman”

so that swimming is nearly impossible.

But not only fishermen


Goose Island State Park: Fishing Regulations

enjoy the state park, there’s also, as this signpost


Goose Island State Park: Map

shows, a nicely wooded area with gorgeous hiking paths.

This here shows Mary studying the map


Mary Studying the Map of the Hiking-Trail

before she goes hiking on that path.


Goose Island State Park: Hiking-Trail

I preferred to just quickly take a picture of this oak tree:


A Truly Magnificent Oak


What a Tree Trunk!

These pictures, btw, were taken by Mary and not by me – before I fled from the ubiquitous mosquitoes back to the car. In just two minutes which it took me to change the lenses


Changing Lenses

and take a picture I had already been bitten 8 times! I then drove to the end of the hiking-path to pick Mary – obviously she is immune to mosquitoes or doesn’t have as delicious blood as I do  😉 – up again. But at the end of this path I couldn’t resist taking more pictures:


Goose island State Park: Hiking-Path


Goose Island State Park: Hiking-Trail

the area simply was too pretty. There were really wonderful flowers to be admired, too:


Goose Island State Park: Wildflowers

The fungi on the trees


Fungi on the Trees in Goose Island State Park

looked ever so pretty, too.

Thank goodness there were not so many mosquitoes at that end of the hiking-path, maybe because of the birds


Vulture or Eagle?

circling overhead?  😉  First I thought it might be an eagle, but on a closer look I think it’s a vulture. The head doesn’t really look like an eagle’s to me.

At this point I’d like to interrupt my narration again so as not to have too many pictures in one posting and thus prolong the download time immeasurably.

To be continued

Talking of pictures: I intend to publish these here and more in my “Bilderbuchblog” and, as said above, not all of them by far are mine, but quite a few have been taken by Mary.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

8 responses to “A Weekend in … Rockport/Fulton – Part 2

  1. P.S. You should stop by Texas A&M University some time and take a picture of the Century Oak. It’s the most magnificent oak….

    • Hi Russel,
      Thanks for the tip. Whenever I dare to enter Aggie land. 😉 Btw, we saw a very magnificent oak – more than 1,000 years old – down there at the coast. I’ll post a picture of that soon.
      Take care, my friend, and have a good one,

  2. Ah, yes, Rockport. The first place I hung out once I was old enough to hang out.

    • Not a bad place to hang out, to my mind. It seems to be a bit more sedate than Port A. But that’s better for someone as old as me. 😉
      Best regards,

  3. Hallo Freund Pit, wir freuen uns immer für die schönen Bilder von Dir. Ist echt was anderes das wir nicht kennen. Danke für alles. Ein Video, hoffe nicht doppelt habe ich erstellt. Ob die Musik dazu gut ist, ?
    Gutes Wochenende und liebe Grüße aus Deutschland. Wolfgang

    • Hallo Wolfgang,
      freut mich, dass Euch die Bilder gefallen. 🙂
      Ein schönes Video übrigens. Ich fand es hochinteressant. Den Song mag ich sehr, wenn ich ihn auch nicht unbedingt mit Indien bzw. Japan verbinden würde.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas, und einen schönen Sonntag,

  4. Das sind schöne Bilder.
    Wir haben eine neue pps im Blog. (Habe die in Englisch geschrieben)
    LG. Wolfgang

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