Peter Pan at the Majestic Theatre

Meanwhile it is really time to tell something about our recent visit to the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio to see a production of the musical “Peter Pan, since that was somewhat more than three weeks ago, especially as we’ll be going back there again today to see the Russian [in fact the Moscow] Ballet performing Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite“, and since in the meantime we have also been to a different theatre in San Antonio, the Jump-Start Performing Company, to see a production of “Ebanazio“, their version of Charles Dickens‘ “A Christmas Carol“, set in the San Antonio of the early 18th century – a production I have to write about still in a separate posting.

To start with: “Peter Pan” was a production we really enjoyed watching [here the link to a review in our local paper, the San Antonio Express-News:

We were really impressed by the performance of the main actress, the former gymnast and Olympic medalist [1968 with medals, 1972 unfortunately present, but injured] Cathy Rigby, who, even at the age of 60, was dashing around the stage like a Jack-in-the-Box and how she could still perfectly perform handstands, headstands and the splits, seemingly without any effort. Absolutely fantastic, too, how she, suspended from a wire, was hovering above the stage, sometime swinging far into the auditorium, above the spectators’ seats even up to the mezzanine, spreading her fairy dust.

A few more words about Cathy Rigby: after her career as a gymnast she had a long training not only as an actress but also as a singer, a fact that suited her well for a (leading) role in a musical. Her voice, but that’s a natural matter and not to be completely done away with even with vocal training, was just a tad harsh, though. All in all I must say: she was very convincing in her role. Unfortunately, as the San Antonio Express-News report, she plans to give up her career as Peter Pan after the present tour.

As well as her also the other actors were absolutely convincing, starting with the children of the Darling family, and continuing with the pirates, the Indians and Captain Hook, and ending with Nana, the nanny-dog, who, with his funnily friendly demeanour provided for laughter over and over again, and got well-deserved applause for that performance.

The Majestic Theatre really looks resplendent inside, but, to my mind, is somewhat too excessively decorated. Well, that is not in any way detrimental to the performance(s) as then the interior is darkened anyway and one can’t see any of the ornate decorations and embellishments.

Find some virtual tours of the Majestic Theatre here: Virtual Tours – Majestic Theatre

Um diesen Artikel auf Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

8 responses to “Peter Pan at the Majestic Theatre

  1. Glad to know the Majestic is still there and being majestic.

    • Hi Russel,
      Thanks for camping out in my blog. Yep, the “majestic Majestic” is still there, and Mary and I like it a lot – as we do the Paramount in Austin [where we’ll see the Flatlanders on Saturday].
      Best regards from an unplesantly cold [damp 33 Fahrenheit] southern Texas,

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Glad to hear things are moving forward for your Hill Country move. I missed your post of the location…could you email me or leave a comment on Hill Country Mysteries? Curious to see if we’ll be neighbors.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for coming by again. 🙂 Yes, we did have a good time at the Majestic, not only for Peter Pan, but also for the Nutcracker Suite more recently. We certainly like this theatre. Btw, we also like to go to Austin, to the Paramount. We’ll be there for “Shatner’s World” next Thursday.
      As to my answer re our intended place in the Hill Country: I sent you my answer by e-mail, but in short again here. We’re interested in buying a place in Cain City, 5 or 6 miles outside of Fredericksburg. Let’s hope it’ll come to pass. Would we be neighbours then?
      Best regards, have a great weekend, and stay warm,

  3. A good new year 2013 desires we.
    Greeting, Wolfgang

  4. Hallo Pit,
    ich schreibe Dir meinen Kommentar in deutsch..
    Auf jeden Fall hast Du in San Antonio ein grösseres “Kulturangebot”, als wir in Fayetteville, Arkansas, obwohl die Walton Family (Walmart) viel in dieser Hinsicht investiert.
    San Antonio kenne ich eigentlich nur von meiner Grundausbildung bei der US-Air Force auf Lackland AFB, im Jahr 1957. Damals hatte man noch vieles nicht in San Antonio von dem was Du erwähnst.
    Liebe Grüsse und alles Gute für das jahr 2013,

    • Hallo Karl-Heinz,
      klar: auch wenn wir beide wohl kein Problem haben, uns in Englisch auszudrücken, Deutsch ist doch einfacher. Hier in diesem Blog antworte ich so, wie es mir gerade in den Sinn kommt. Und für Leute, die Deutsch bevorzugen, führe ich ja noch mein Blog in deutscher Sprache, “Pit’s Musings and Ramblings from a Big Country“.
      Dass sich in San Antonio seit Deiner Zeit hier sehr viel geändert hat, kann ich mir gut vorstellen. Aber auch so ist es noch nicht so, wie ich es – nach meinen deutschen Erfahrungen – in einer Millionenstadt erwarten würde, jedenfalls was das Kulturangebot betrifft.
      Ãœbrigens, gelegentlich – wie auch jetzt wieder in den kommenden drei Monaten – fahren wir auch nach Austin zum “Kultuer Baggern”. 😉
      Liebe Grüße und ebenfalls alles Gute für 2013,

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