Christmas …

… is now past, but even though the “time between the years” is still a thoughtful and comfortable [well, the German “gemuetlich” doesn’t really lend itself to being translated] time. Here there are a few pictures in a Christmasy mood.

We don’t have as many lights outside as is traditional in many places here, but thus we have a more atmospherical ambience than other “seas of lighs”:


The House As Seen from the Highway

And when suddenly, during a long-time exposure, someone drives up in a car, it changes everything into quite a different, to my mind even somewhat mystical, atmosphere:


Christmas and Car Lights

Meanwhile, in the house. the Christmas tree and the mantel are decorated and the lights glow, while a crackling fire is blazing in the fireplace:


The Living-Room with Christmas Decorations

I'd really love to hear from y'alls!

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