A Coffee-Maker for Just $9.99

Last Sunday, on our way back from, among other things, watching a performance of Peter Pan [more about that in an upcoming post] we stopped by at the H.E.B. in Floresville for a few minutes, basically just to get some milk for Mary [she likes most the fatfree organic milk H.E.B. sells], but we also came across, just by chance, this coffee-maker:


The New Coffee-Maker

At first we didn’t want to believe it and rubbed our eyes and looked twice, but there it was: the regular price was $14.99, and they had a voucher attached [something that can be found quite often in supermarkets here] which gave you another $5 off. Well, we didn’t hesitate and went ahead and bought this machine. It is, after all, one that I had been looking at anyway to replace my old coffee-maker, which, btw, was the same type as this one here, only nearly 15 years older, and which had given up its ghost recently. Even if – like the old one – it does a maximum of 4 cups only. For me it’s quite sufficient as I anyway prefer brewing up coffee fresh over having it sit on the warming-plate for a long time. And I really don’t care much for all the other possible bells and whistles you can have with the more expensive machines. One more remark as to the price: the closest match I had previously found for that same machine was $19.99, and that at an online store, which would have meant adding postage and packing to that price.

Talking of the old coffee-maker: I must admit that it had a certain sentimental value as Mary, since she knew what an “old coffeenose” I am,  had bought it even before I visited with her for the first time in the summer of 1999.

And another remark, as to the picture: that bag of coffee to the right of the coffee-maker is my Christmas present from Mary’s cousin Jo Ann. She always sends me a coffee subscription from her favourite coffee shop [The Village Roaster in Denver]. This way I get a different coffee each month for six months. I am always looking forward to that delivery, for variety’s sake, but also because I can try a different coffee each month, and I like it a lot when once in a while our mailbox on opening emits a wonderful smell of coffee.  🙂

Um diesem Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


6 responses to “A Coffee-Maker for Just $9.99

  1. I can’t believe I just LIKEd a post about coffee. Ack!…….lol

  2. what a bargain! freut mich, dass du nun doch die kaffeemaschine gefunden hast die du so lange gesucht hast.

    liebe gruesse aus dem verregneten Ohio

    • Hallo Sammy,
      ja, das war wirklich ein tolles Angebot. Und auch wenn ich bei längerem Suchen vielleicht eine etwas größere Maschine gefunden hätte: mit dieser bin ich sehr zufrieden.
      Liebe Grüße ins mittlerweile ja nicht mehr verregnte sondern lausig kalte Ohio: stay warm!

    • Hallo Wolfgang,
      danke für den Link: wun derschöne Winterbilder, von denen wir hier nur träumen können.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

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