Some Gardening …

… was on the agenda for today. As I had mentioned in my posting “With My Most Favourite Toy …“, our lawn – well, what lawn is left after our prolonged drought here in southern Texas – had to be fertilized at the end of the gardening year, to prepare it for fall and winter; and actually, for next spring, too. For this purpose a so-called “winterizer fertilizer” is recommended. That’s a fertilizer with a 3-1-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. What I got here at our local store was an 18-6-12. These figures are the percentage of the components. The remaining difference to 100% is just neutral filling.

More about preparing lawns for autumn and winter in the gardening section of our local newspaper, the San Antonio Express-News.

Since this winterizer fertilizer should be spread around October 1, or soon after, I decided to do that today. Here’s a picture of the tools:


Spreaders and Fertilizer

In the foreground, the drop spreader, and on the table a hand-held one. The latter is of course way too small for doing a complete lawn. For the roughly 15,000 square feet of lawn we have only the drop spreader is suitable; and a rotary one would even be better. Well, pushing the drop spreader I had a nice 45-minute walk, and in the end was – once again – drenched in sweat, even if, this time, I was not out during the hottest time of the day.

In the background, btw, there’s our “wildernis”, a tree- and brush-covered area which has – over the years – become virtually impenetrable. I really want to clear that out, as it would be so nice to be able to walk around there, but that’s not a task of the highest priority. there’s so much else to do that is more urgent. But still, I could well use the waste material, partly as firewood for the fireplace in our living-room during the winter, partly to make wood chippings to spread around trees and plants and in our flower beds.

I must admit  that I doubt, though, if fertilizing will do any good, considering the pitiable state of our lawn. Definitely not everywhere. E.g. not here:


Can This Really Be Called “Lawn”?

This area might prove more promising:



Some Spots Are in a Better Shape

After spreading the fertilizer I went on and killed some weeds, as only when walking across every squarefoot of the lawn and looking down I had realized how much of the green was not lawn at all but just weeds. As usual, I used chemical weed killers – even if there are more environmentally friendly ways:


Chemicals Applied

The “Weed B Gone” – in the blue containers – is a weed killer especially for lawns. It leaves the grass untouched and only kills broad-leafed plants, i.e. weeds, and very quickly at that. The so-called “hose-end sprayers” in which it is being sold – besides in different containers – are very useful as you don’t have any problems mixing the stuff: you only screw them onto the hose, open the faucet and you automatically get the correct ratio. And you don’t need any container with a pump and a spraying-nozzle. Similarly easy to use the yellow container. With that you can adjust it to different ratios yourself. That one here in the picture I use for “Round-Up“, which is an all-purpose weed killer and therefore has to be used with caution as it would kill grass, too. I use it for edges and on the gravel around our house.

P.S.: Maybe I should not have killed the weeds as they’re so nicely green.  😉

Um diesen beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


4 responses to “Some Gardening …

  1. Those of us who really are from South Texas consider you to be Central Texas………

    • Ok, I take the point from someone born in Kingsville. But then, you seem to have “emigrated” to Tyler. 😉 Anyhow, maybe I should say then that I’m living in southern central or central southern Texas?! 😉

  2. Weeds are green = I love my weeds. Significant cost savings; I highly recommend it.

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