With My Most Favourite Toy …

Lawn Tractor

… I was out in the garden today, mowing the lawn – actually, what is left after our prolonged drought. Well, after the rain of the last few days we did have quite some growth where the lawn was intact still, areas that really wanted mowing. But unfortunately there are quite a few spots, too, where either the soil shines through or the lawn is of a brownish black colour. I’ll habe to check what (kind of disease) that might be and what can be done to remedy it. Our newspaper had an article about it last Saturday.

Anyway, I was out this afternoon and first I used that lawn tractor to zoom around the areas that are withour trees or shrubs [that alone takes more than one hour as I have to drive around so many trees etc.], then I took care of the details with our little push mower for the spots I can’t reach with the lawn tractor, e.g. under the trees, and finally I used the weedeater to trim around the edges of the flower beds and the gravel around the house. All in all it took my a goodish three hours. Why does one have to have such a lawn?! It’s only work!  😉

Next week I’ll have to spread the winterizer, and also kill the weeds in the lawn, and then – with maybe two or three more mowings – the garden work will be done and winter can come.


17 responses to “With My Most Favourite Toy …

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  2. The last time I was on a riding lawn mower was back in 1973. Never again. Just so NO! to grass!………….lol

  3. The photos are from the weekend.
    Greeting, Wolfgang

  4. .. das hört sich nach einem wahrlich riesigen Rasen an 🙂 da braucht man auch einen solchen Rasentraktor-Mäher. Klasse Teil 🙂
    Unserer ist doch etwas übersichtlicher..wir mähen von Hand..also mit einem Rasenmäher zum Schieben. Ich denke, einmal noch ..maximal..dieses Jahr, vor der Wintersaison.

    Liebe Grüße zum Wochenende schickt dir Ocean

    • Hallo Ocean,
      für das, was ich aus Deutschland gewohnt war, ist der Rasen – oder was wir so nennen, den eigentlich ist es jetzt kaum noch als Rasen zu bezeichnen – wirklich ganz schön groß, ca. 1500 Quadratmeter. Und da ist so ein Rasentraktor schon wirklich praktisch.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas, und einen schönen Sonntag,

  5. Like you toy, a lot! Need to get myself a bigger garden, just so I have an excuse to drive around on one of those. I’ll remember to keep it tree free though – that sounds like way too much work! 🙂

    • Maybe you’ll forgo the bigger lawn, as even with such a lwan tractor it’s still a lot of work. But I agree, zooming around on it is fun!
      Take care, and have a good one,

  6. Der Rasentraktor ist gut.
    Auch bei uns fehlt das Wasser, heute soll es Regnen.
    Gruß, Wolfgang

    • Hallo Wolfgang, ja, der ist schon gut, und es macht Spaß. darauf “herumzukarriolen”. Hier muss es noch viel viel mehr regnen.
      Liebe Grüße, und einen schönen Sonntag,

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