Finally …

… I have managed to finish my blog-diary [in my Bilderbuch” Blog] of our narrowboat trip in the Heart of England in May last year. With 294 entries it’s quite lengthy and not too easy to navigate around, so I’d suggest to try my page “Inhaltsübersicht” to get to specific days, or use the “Kategorien” to get to specific subjects.

That being said, it still remains for me to write about our visit to Mary Arden’s House and Warwick Castle, and then about the days in Germany [Aachen, Hamburg, Quickborn, Rügen and Bonn]. This will certainly take quite some time and thus I’m asking your patience. I’d recommend to subscribe to the e-mail notifications for my “Bilderbuch”-Blog, too, so as to get an e-mail whenever I publish a new entry there. That would save you from constantly checking that blog, which might be somewhat tedious as I only sporadically publish entries there.


2 responses to “Finally …

  1. Ein gutes Wochenende mit Sonne + Spass und Erholung von allen.
    LG. Wolfgang
    Denke,kommende Woche fahre ich mit meinen Motorrad-Kollegen in die Ferne—Das Wetter soll gut werden.

    • Hallo Wolfgang,
      danke für Deine lieben Wünsche, und einen schönen Sonntag für Euch,
      P.S.: Und viel Spaß bei der Motorradtour, und komm’ heil und gesund wieder heim!

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