Among Sailors the Saying Goes …

… that only racing people, charterers and idiots (try to) sail into the wind. Maybe I need to apply something like this here, saying that only residents aliens and idiots work during the hottest time of the day, instead of, as any sensible person would do, copy the good old tradition of siesta. Well, this resident alien aka the local idiot  😉 again did some quite exerting work outside – moving dirt – from about 12:30 to about 2:30 in some awful humidity, and, of course, got into a terrible sweat. I lost about 2 pounds, and that’s fluid only, I think, as fat doesn’t weigh that much.


2 responses to “Among Sailors the Saying Goes …

  1. Listen to us kitties: nap often 😉
    Purrs to a great weekend!

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