New “Shoes” for the Car

Yesterday I got new tires on the Escape. The previous ones [Michelin Cross Terrain SUV] had lasted about 55,000 miles. Not too bad, but not a record either. Still, we were quite happy with them, but they had worn out. Well, actually all but the front right-hand side one would have had some more life in them, as they were not yet in the “red” zone as far as the tread was concerned, but as we intend to go on a tour that will certainly add some good mileage I really wanted to have tires with a very good tread, especially as we might run into some wetness on the road and in wet conditions a good tread is a matter of safety.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I drove to San Antonio, to DiscountTire, to have the new set of tires, which I had ordered last Thursday, put on the wheels. This time I had decided on a more “highway” kind of tire, not a cross- or all-terrain one, as we go on paved highways in about 90% to 95% of the time, and only in the remaining 5% to 10% it might be dirt roads. And we don’t go really cross country ever. It might be once in a blue moon on our pasture, but that absolutely rare instance is something even these tires should be able to stand. So, this time it’s Michelin again, but the “Latitude Tour” type. I chose the Michelin for two reasons: one, because I like this brand, and two, because DiscountTire had a $70 mail-in rebate on a set of four, whereas it would only have been $40 on Pirelli tires. Paying $157 per tire was not too much for this kind of tire [P235/70R16], I think. The more expensive Michelins, not even the $188/tire one that the guy at DiscountTire wanted to persuade me to, didn’t seem to have a real advantage to me. These have a 65,000-mile warranty, and that should do. And, to my layman’s ideas, they look as it they’d do a good job, with low resistance and noise, plus (fairly) good handling in wet conditions. They’re no snow tires, but then, when do we have snow here in southern Texas?! The additional costs were $16/tire for installation and lifetime spin balancing plus $2.50/tire disposal fee, which brought the total for the four new tires plus installation to $753.84, tax included. I’m always happy, btw, to see how low the sales tax here in Texas is. I just paid $51.84, whereas at the German VAT rate it would have been an additional $133.38 – a horrible thought! Included in the price for the tires were new valves and lifetime rotations, which should be done every 6,000 miles

Here’s the car with the new tires:

new tires

The Escape, Freshly Washed, with the New Tires

A wheel with te new tire:

new tires

Left Front Wheel with the New Tire

The more “highway-like” tread:

new tires

The New Tread in Close-Up

P.S.: And as you can see, I also indulged in a German car-owner’s most favourite past-time – as rumour has it 😉 – and washed the car. So it looks a tad more presentable now although, I think, I’ll have to go through a car wash sometime soon, still, as I didn’t want to rub too hard and thus not all the dirt got off. And also, as I made the mistake of washing the car in bright sunshine, the drying water left some residue.

Um diesen Artikel in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


One response to “New “Shoes” for the Car

  1. hi , wir fahren den Neusten ASX vom Mitsubischi. 150 ps +all AUSTATTUNG
    .Alles-könner- 2 Wagen im Gebirge. Beste Erfahrung. Das ist ein Auto mit Verlass!
    LG. Wolfgang

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