A Movie to Forget …

… as quickly as possible, that is. On Sunday, September 16, we decided, as it was raining and we didn’t want to watch the San Antonio Scorpions while sitting in the rain [the Heroes Stadium doesn’t have any seats, except for the press boxes, that are covered by a roof], to go to a movie instead, at the Bijou Cinema again. Well, we should really have thought of something different. Even sitting in the rain and watching the Scorpions lose – as they did – would have been better.

Without having read a review, we had decided on watching “Killer Joe“, not in the least because the showing time was convenient. But, as mentioned above, the film was a turn-off. The only halfway positive I can say about this movie, a one-and-a-half-hour orgy in brutal violence and sex, [from the New York Times review: “The movie has graphic bloody violence, including a brutal scene of sexual violation; it also has a sex scene with a clothed man and a naked, much younger woman.”]  is that it was a social portrait of poor white trash. Admittedly, these people do exist, but portraying was not the main aim of this sorry effort of a movie. Brutal violence as well as (nearly) pornographic sex scenes predominated. Had we known beforehand that this film had been rated NC-17 [no one 17 and under admitted], and that’s  saying something as lax as those regulations are here in the US, we would certainly not have gone to watch it.

Well, this way we have gained some more experience, even if it is one we might have liked to do without.


2 responses to “A Movie to Forget …

  1. Hallo Pit, habe das gelesen—
    Denke, das muß man selber gesehen haben. Kann da weiteres nicht Beurteilen.— Denke, umsonst schreibst Du das nicht.

    Zur Zeit ist das Wetter bei uns gut. Es gibt Pilze im Wald zu finden. Heute hatte es für 4 Personen in unserer Fam. gereicht. Lecker—
    LG. Wolfgang

    • Sicher, man muss es selbst gesehen haben, um das wirklich zu beurteilen.
      Pilze hat’s hier übrigens nicht. Aber ich würde sie, weil ich nicht genug davon kenne, auch so nicht sammeln.
      Liebe grüße,

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