Traffic: Funeral Processions

I still haven’t published an experience from our trip to Austin, to the football game between the UT Longhorns and the Wisconsin Cowboys [see my posting UT Longhorns 37 – Wisconsin Cowboys 17].

On our way, between Lockhart and Austin, on a 4-lane highway [although with centre stripes only and without a median], two police cars with flashing blue lights passed us, going in the opposite direction, followed by a long line of cars – all with their hazard lights switched on – and everything, absolutely everything on our side of the highway drove to the right and stopped. I didn’t have the faintest clue why, and when I asked Mary, the solution of the mystery was: it was a funeral procession on their way from the church or funeral home to the cemetery.

And then I realized it again that I had experienced that several times before, but within city limits, here in Karnes City as well as in San Antonio: a funeral procession on its way from the church and/or from the funeral parlour to the cemetery is escorted by police cars and/or motorcycle policemen and has the absolute right of way. The policemen at the head of the cortege e.g. close  crossings and/or intersections to cross traffic, even if there are traffic lights there, so that the funeral procession has absolute right of way. And this happens as well within city limits as outside. And overtaking a funeral procession is also strictly taboo.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


3 responses to “Traffic: Funeral Processions

  1. The only funeral processions we have here are those involving police officers, firefighters, or military. I haven’t seen a private funeral procession since I left Texas in April 1993. I suspect it’s because one has to hire the police to lead the procession, and that can be prohibitively expensive.

  2. Good to know. Glad I didn’t come across any funeral processions whilst I was in Austin. I would definitely have made a mistake, not knowing that rule!

    • I didn’t know either. I just followed what the other drivers did, pulled over onto the shoulder and stopped. My first idea was that there was an accident in front of us, or someone stopped by the police. Because, with the road having a slight curve, it really looked as if the flashing red and blue lights were on our side of the road.

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