New Septic Tank

Yesterday,  we got our new septic tank for the toilet [and also the sink and the shower-yet-to-be-installed] in our (new) garage.

New Garage

New Garage

Here, outside the city limits, there’s no public septic system in place so that everybody lets their waste run somewhere, preferably, of course, on their own property. Meanwhile there’s some regulation, though, and you have to have a septic tank, even if it’s one that collects the “solids” only and has a run-off/overflow for the “water”. Well, we couldn’t and wouldn’t let the stuff just run out into the boonies and thus we now have a septic tank able to hold 500 gallons. That’s quite a capacity as it’s for the “solids” only, whereas the rest, the “water” runs out through a buried pipe with holes and simply drains away.

The septic tank is being delivered:


Septic Tank on Flatbed Trailer

It really is quite huge. Is that 500 gallons only?

septic tank

A Huge Tank!

The hole for the tank is being dug :

septic tank

Digging the Hole

The drainpipes are being laid:

septic tank

Laying the Drainpipes


4 responses to “New Septic Tank

  1. I’ve probably built and installed a thousand septic tanks there in Texas. It’s a job that I really don’t iss.

  2. Rather a lovely garage you have there. And the rain was very gracious in waiting till your septic was installed. Don’t forget to get it pumped out in a couple years.

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by and leaving a comment. And for the compliment re the garage. Btw, we planned it not only as a garage, but also for storage, and with a working-area, e.g. to maintain and repair our bicycles. And maybe we’ll even add a work-out room. And since it’s a barn(-style) garage, we coined a new word for it and vcall it “garn”.
      Take care, and have a good one,

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