I’m Frustrated

For quite some time now this evening I have been unable to upload a post with pictures. In the edit mode, I can upload pictures, and they do show up, but the moment I publish the posting, the picture disappears – well, actually it does show up for maybe a fraction of a second – and only the caption remains. I would really like to know what’s going on. I have posted a question as to that in the forums, but I haven’t got an answer yet. Let’s hope the problem will be solved soon.


5 responses to “I’m Frustrated

  1. I have had that problem a few times since January 2012 when I started using WordPress. Each time it lasts for a couple of hours, so now when it happens, I just go do something else, like reading blogs.

    • This time, my problems persist, and I haven’t yet found out what the reason is. It seems to have appeared after updating to 15.0.1. Or maybe after the Windows update. I’m not sure. And it might have to do with the way Firefox handles Java scripts. But again, I don’t know enough about computers to be sure. What I do kn ow is that on my GMX-website some buttons have disappeared. Well, for the time being I’m using Google Chrome to update my WordPress Blogs. And to check on my stats there, too, as they don’t load in Firefox any more. Instead, Firefox trying to load them uses 100% of my CPU and thus blocks other programmes, too.

  2. Is that the picture of Sister Fidelma? Of all notifications we received, one only had the picture. I doubt it helps but… Sigh.
    Sending purrs to y’all!

    • Hi Texas,
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. My apologies for all those useless notifications about a new post, but really publishing was the only way to find out if the picture was going to show up. But now you’ll be able to see that your guess was right: it was indeed Sister Fildelma!
      Take care, and have a good one in the Big Apple,

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