Beer-Tasting (3)

Paulaner Hefeweizen & Warsteiner Pils: I don’t have much to report about these two beers. Hefeweizen is not really one of my favourite beers. But this time I had to drink if, even if it was for the glass alone. That had to be inaugurated, so to speak. But as I can get quite a few different Hefeweizen at Whole Foods, I’ll certainly try one or the other some time, and maybe I’ll get to liking Hefeweizen, especially as Hefeweizen are known to be refreshing in summertime – and we do have plenty of summer down here in southern Texas.

The Warsteiner was, as a Pilsner needs to be, light blond in colour and pilsner-typical dry, with a nice head with some thick bubbles of carbonation.

As I can’t say much about the beers themselves, descriptions of the glasses and the beer-types in general from the little brochure that came with the glasses will have to suffice:


Wheat is a top-fermented beer that is often made with a large portion of malted wheat.

It consists of 50% to 65% malted wheat, which results in a very crisp and refreshing beer. The bitterness is light and snappy, and followed by a slightly sweet malty taste. Wheat beer’s color ranges from gold to deep orange.

Wheat beer stems from a tradition of German brewing with its origins dating back to the ancient Babylonians. It is often referred to as ‘Hefeweizen’, which means ‘unfiltered wheat beer containing yeast.’

A long, high and slender trumpet-style glass is best suited for wheat beers. It allows the high carbonation and the fluffy head to be displayed after proper pouring and puts focus on the yeast’s aroma.”

Paulaner Hefeweizen & Glass


A pilsner is a highly carbonated all-malt brew and commonly refers to any pale, light lager.

Its bitterness is balanced by a spicy herbal or floral flavor, as well as a flash of citrus-like zest with a dry finish. It is best served very cold with a dense and rich head.

The pilsner was first brewed in 1842 in Bohemia, a province originally located within the Austrian Empire.

The tall conical shape of the pilsner glass sustains a zesty carbonation, allows for a robust head and emphasizes the hop aroma of the beer.”

Warsteiner Pils & Glass

3 responses to “Beer-Tasting (3)

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  2. Although there are a couple of Whole Foods within my circle of shopping, I have never been to one. I’ll have to stop in to see what beers they have here. I usually go to Costco (their Kirkland brand is great, and inexpensive) or BevMo.

    • Hi Russel,
      Whole Foods does have a good selection of beers. The store in Austin is much better stocked, though, than that in San Antonio here. But, of course, it’s expensive. I’ve heard it being called “whole checks.” 😉 Thanks for the advice re Costco. We go there, too. I need to check their Kirkland brand beer then. So far I’ve only tried some of their Kirkland wines, and must admit that I really enjoyed them, esp. a Californian Chardonnay that was nearly as dry as I like it in the French ones.
      I’ve never heard of BevMo.
      Take care, and have a good one,

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