Beer-Tasting (2)

Last night I sampled the second of the new beers, the “Octoberfest“, brewed by the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner/TX.


Shiner “Ocoberfest”

They describe it as follows:

Style: This festive Marzen-style seasonal has a deep amber color and slightly toasted flavor. The initial rich malty aroma and sweetness fades to a moderately dry, hoppy finish.

Recipe: Made with the highest-quality Two-Row Barley, Munich and Caramel malts, along with German-grown Hallertau Tradition and Hersbrucker hops.

Back Story: First introduced to the Shiner family as our 96 Anniversary Brew, this Marzen-style brew has regained popularity among Shiner and Oktoberfest drinkers alike.  It’s connection to tradition and celebration makes it a great fit for the Shiner seasonal portfolio.”

What I, with my limited beer vocabulary and my less that sensitive palate can say is: it is medium brown in colour, with a light brown head. It’s defnitely not as sweet nor as full bodied as the stout I had previously, but smooth. I personally couldn’t taste as much hops and “rich malty aroma“, but I agree with “a moderately dry […] finish.”

I drank it from a glass that is described as an “ale glass”, but I think it could really be used for this type of beer, too.


9 responses to “Beer-Tasting (2)

  1. Oooooooooh, that’s right! Oktoberfest is just two weekends away. The largest Oktoberfest here in San Diego is right here in La Mesa where I live. It’s just a mile down the road, in downtown, so I can easily walk to and from, or take the San Diego Trolley. So much fun.

    • Hi Russel,
      Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and for the many comments.
      As to Oktoberfest: I’ve never been to the German version of it in Munich, and I think I’ll never go there. It’s way too much of a mass event and just business. And then, I don’t like all those drunks I’d cerianly meet there. Their kind of “Stimmung” is not my idea of “Gemuetlichkeit.” What I did like, though, was last year’s Octoberfest by the Beethoven Maennerchor here in San Antonio. That, with some German food and beer, plus the music, was really enjoyable. I’ll have to figure out if I can go there this year, too, as we’re planning to go on a road trip, to do some bicycling on rail trails, at the end of September and the beginning of October. But we will be able to go to the Octoberfest in Hermann, Missouri that way. Will be interesting to see what they have.
      As to the Octoberfest in San Diego: maybe you’ll go there. If so: enjoy!
      Take care, and have a good one,

  2. Das Shiner Beer wird auch bei uns in Arkansas verkauft.

    • Hallo Karlheinz,
      Shiner, und zwar das “Bock”, kann ich empfehlen. Es ist zwar weniger ein “Bockbier” wie wir es aus Bayern kennen, also etwas stärker im Alkoholgehalt, und auch würziger, sondern es kommt m.E. eher dem rheinischen Altbier nahe. Schmeckt aber gut, finde ich, und hebt sich wohltuend von den Großproduktionen, wie z.B. Coors, Budweiser und Lone Star ab. Das “Octoberfest” war auch ganz lecker, un die anderen von Shiner muss ich noch robieren.
      Liebe Grüße ins Bergland von Arkansas,

  3. With quite a strong German influence in South Africa, we have an October Beer Festival. Your posts are making me look forward to the arrival of October!

  4. …ein weiterer Tipp, den ich gern auch testen würde 😉 Märzen-Bier ist was Feines.

    Eigentlich mag ich nur diese ganz “trockenen” Pils nicht, wie Becks und Jever .. 🙂

    ein schönes Wochenende für Euch 🙂

    • Hallo Ocean,
      danke für’s Vorbeischauen. Also, ich mag die herben Pils, z.B. auch Jever.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas, und ein schönes WE auch Dir und Monsterchen,

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