Green Card

Now I’ve finally got it, not only the paper notice that I have been granted the “regular” one, valid for ten years, but on Saturday I had the “real” plastic card in my mail. 🙂  It’s valid till Agust 21, 2022! And, btw, it IS green, different from my temporary one.


8 responses to “Green Card

  1. I have a green card, too, but it doesn’t have a date on it. It doesn’t have any writing on it at all. It’s simply a green card……

  2. Congratulations!
    I know my human was very happy when she received hers. I’d rather receive Greenies treats but oh well, if it makes my human happy =^.^=

    • Hi Texas,
      Thanks for your interest in my blog. I can imagine your human was happy when she got hers. It’s a relief, you know. And I hipe you’lle get Greenies threats.
      Take care,
      P.S.: Sally and our now “8 furries” send their purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. Well, Sally sends a “wuff wuff”. 😉

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