Got fantastically good news in the mail today: my “request for the removal of the conditional basis” of my permanent resident status has been approved.

Reminder: As I had applied for permanent resident status immediately after my marriage her, this status had been granted temporarily – for 2 years – only, and before that time ran out, we had to file for the removal of that condition and to prove that we were still married and living together as a married couple [luckily, no “real” proof of “married couple” necessary, if you know what I mean ;)] so that it was clear that it was not only a marriage of convenience for me to get the Green Card.

Today’s letter means that I’ll get my new Green Card – now valid for 10 years – soon. Well, “soon” means, as the letter from the Department of Homeland Security, USCIS Office San Antonio, within 60 days. Hopefully, it’ll not take them that long, but … we’ll see. It’s taken them more than  nine months just to arrive at this decision. Anyway, I’m really happy the way it has turned out, without even the request to come to their office for an interview. So, now I can really plan to travel abroad again. Even with a previous letter stating that my permanent resident status had been extended for a year while my request was being processed, I was somewhat reluctant to travel as my previous Green Card had an expiration date of January 28, 2012.

Btw, today’s letter tells me to have my “Alien number” available if I need to contact their customer service.

8 responses to “Hooray!

  1. Hi, Pit, I’m so glad some of your suspense is over… I don’t think governments realize what a strain these things take on our lives when we have to live in such suspense. Welcome to our country. I hope it won’t be long before your have the necessary documentation to give you a little peace of mind here and security. Congratulations… Hope you have a little celebration to add a but of joy to it all.

    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to leave a comment: it’s very much appreciated. And thanks for your welcoming me to the US!
      I must admit, I’m ever so happy and relieved.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  2. Hi dear Alien 😉

    gratulations for your green card.
    I live in England for more than 30 years now but kept my German citizenship for the same reason. As an acknoledged author in Germany – you wouldn`t believed it that`s an offical term – I am treated like a civil servant and would have lost quite some money, too.
    But as an EU-citizen there is no problem living here. Moving up to Norfolk was like moving from Berlin to Hamburg – dead easy.

    Dear Karl-Heinz, I will cut it short today because Dina and the bookfayries are coming back tomorrow and so I have to be the wild housewife 😉

    Have a great week
    Klausbernd from sunny Norfolk
    now we have got my ideal temperature: 23 C and little breeze from the sea

    • Hi Klausbernd,
      Here’s your “alien”. That term is used not only in the letter I received on Friday. It was also my wife who had to file a “petition for an alien relative” to get me the Green Card in the first place. But I can assure yoiu, I have neither webbed hands and feet nor a green scaly skin nor doi I leave a slimy trace behind me when I move! 😉
      Thanks for your congratulations.
      Take care, have a good one, and my regards to the two bookfairies and Dina,

  3. My human says that’s good news and I should purr about it. Let’s purr then!
    Is it a green card because it is made of catnip?

    • Hi Texas,
      Yes, it certainly is good news – for me. But for you, I’m sorry to say, not catnip in that Green Card. 😉 Thanks for the purrs, and a nice scratch behind the ears for you,
      P.S.: And the 7 furries here send their purrs.

  4. Hello Pit,
    Our daughter-in-law is from the Philippines and went through the same procedure – at first with the 2 year conditional etc. Last December she became a US-citizen, after she lived 5 years in this country.
    I came as a normal immigrant to America und became a US-citizen in January 1962 in Chicago.
    Have a nice weekend,

    • Hello Karlheinz,
      Thanks for taking your time to come by and leave a comment. As to citizenship: on the one hand, after only three years here in the US, I don’t qualify for it yet, and, on the other hand, even if I did apply for and get US citizenship, I would have to keep my German one as otherwise, as a retired civil servant, I’d lose my retirement money.
      Take care, and stay cool,

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