“Spatenbräu Dunkel” and “Grüner Veltliner”

When we were in San Antonio yesterday, to watch Alfred Hitchcock‘s “Rear Window” at the Bijou Cinema [more about that in a further entry], we also took the opportunity for some shopping. As it’s ca. 55 miles just one way, it pays off to combine more than one errand, since our car, even with the cheap gas – compared to Germany, that is – still costs ca. 25ct/mile, everything – such as tires, check-ups, insurance etc. – included.

Among other things we went to Whole Foods again, and there I got myself a bottle of “Grüner Veltliner” and 6 bottles [355 ml each] of “Spatenbräu Dunkel“. Whole Foods is not exactly a cheap store – it’s jokingly als known as “whole checks”  😉  – but then that’s one of the few stores where I can get different German [and English] beers as well as European wines. As to the prices, I paid $11.99 for that bottle of “Grüner Veltliner” [Pratsch Winery, Lower Austria, 2011], and $4.44 for that sixpack of 355ml-bottles of “Spatenbräu Dunkel“. The latter was not even expensive, considering that I pay up to $7.99 f0r six 355ml-bottles of German beer [Warsteiner, e.g.] even at H-E-B.

Now I’m looking forward to tasting the stuff. The beer is in the fridge already, and I might try it tonight, but with the wine I might want to wait some still. What I’m interested in with the wine especially, is if it is as dry as I remember it from drinking it in Austria, as the local – American, that is –  wines usually are a tad sweeter than their European counterparts, made from the same type of grape.

4 responses to ““Spatenbräu Dunkel” and “Grüner Veltliner”

  1. Hi Pit 🙂

    Interessant, dass du dort auch deutsches Bier und Wein bekommst.. toll! Wir haben meist Budweiser getrunken und fanden damals die Kronkorken zum Abdrehen sehr “innovativ” und praktisch 🙂

    Liebe Grüße aus dem ziemlich heißen (und noch heißer werdenden) Süddeutschland,
    Ocean 🙂

    • Hallo Ocean,
      danke, dass Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast, hier in meinem Blog vorbeizuschauen und einen Kommentar zu schreiben.
      Gefällt mir auch gut, dass ich hier ohne große Probleme deutsches Bier und europäische Weine bekomme. Was ich an deutschen Weinen allerdings noch nicht gesehen habe, sind “trockene weiße Franken”, um das mal so auszudrücken. Überhaupt sind deutsche Weine hier Mangelware. Und was angeboten wird, zählt für mich nicht gerade zu dem, was ich kaufen/trinken würde. Ich frage mich z.B. immer, wie man so viel “Liehfrauenmilch” oder “Piesporter Michelsberg” produzieren kann, dass man die hier überall findet. Aber ich bin da ja eh mwehr europäisch ausgerichtet, was den Wein angeht. Und abgesehen davon: es gibt ja auch phatastische Weine hier in den USA, und nicht zuletzt in Texas.
      Budweiser – wie alle anderen Biere von amrikanischen Großbrauereien – finde ich zum Vergessen. An hiesigen trinke ich am liebesten Biere aus den sogenannten “Microbreweries”. Oder aber MGD [Miller Genuine Draft], Shiner Bock [kommt hier ganz aus der Nähe] und Tecate [das ist ein mexikanischen].
      Liebe Grüße aus dem heißen und schwülen südlichen Texas ins heiße und schwüle südliche Deutschland,
      P.S.: ich verfolge hier auch immer die Temperaturentwicklung und -prognose in Deutschland mit. Da steht Euch an diesem Wochenende ja noch etwas bevor!

  2. I’m an American… never been out of the country…but I find that Amer. manufacturers make everything too sweet, too salty, too fatty, refining things till there’s nothing left of them. The other day I purchased some Nabisco graham crackers that I had not tasted for decades. I could not believe how sweet they were… how little texture they had left in them. I find bread in this country is absolutely undigestible…with a few exceptions that are passable. It may have saved my life… But they actaully charge you $$$ NOT to put salt in veggies!

    I hope you find your wine as you remember it tasting… I hope no one has tried to improve on something that seems was so good for you that you kept the memory all these years!

    • Hi Merrill,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop and leaving a comment. I very much appreciate your interest in my blog. I’ve never really thought of all the sugar in the food here, only of the sugar in the sodas. And I find that way too much and unhealthy.
      As to the sweeter wine: maybe that’s just the lots of sun Californian and Texan wines get. There is only so much alcohol content a wine can naturally have, as far as I know, and the remaining natural sugar will just not be converted into alcohol and thus remain to make the wine sweeter. As to the Veltliner: since that’s imported, I hope that they didn’t actually produce it for the American market and make it less dry than usual. Well, I’ll see and then post my opinion.
      As to salt: that’s really a problem for me as – with slightly raised blood pressure – I really want to reduce my sodium intake, which is absolutely impossble unless you only cook yourself from fresh produce. It’s horrible, when, e.g., I read on just a regular-sized tin of soup, that with that I’ll take in 30 – 40% of my daily needs of sodium. And yes: if I want less sodium, they charge me more. And “less” is of course true, compared to the ridiculously high sodium content in the regular cans, but that still leaves me with around 25% of the daily value in just one tine of soup!
      Take care, and have a good one,

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