San Antonio

San Antonio! Loveliest city in Texas, Venice of the Drylands, its river runs right through the heart of own, providing a colourful waterway for festive barges and an exotic riverside walk along which one could promenade forever.

River Walk

San Antonio: River Walk

River Walk

San Antonio: River Walk with Barge


With these words Prof. Dr. Travis Barlow, a fictitional character in James A. Michener‘s “Texas“, waxes enthusiastic about San Antonio, and continues:

How glad I was to be coming back to  a city I had cherished as a boy, for this had been my family’s preferred vacation spot.

I remembered well the Buckhorn Saloon, that relic of the Old West, with its fantastic guns and cattle horns. I sneaked my first beer there, my mother watching from a distance, then teasing when I spat it out. Later, when I returned from Europe to find the Buckhorn moved, I felt as if my youth had officially ended.

San Antonio! Conservative, always lagging behind more daring towns like Houston and Dallas, it had long been the largest city in Texas but had now given way to those two giants. Recently it had stunned the state by electing as mayor a man of Spanish heritage, and in decades to come it might once more become a leading city because of the spectacular development of its Spanish-speaking population.”

James A. Michener, Texas (New York 1987), p. 145

River Walk

San Antonio: River Walk


9 responses to “San Antonio

  1. Wunderbare Impressionen von San Antonio, lieber Pit. Wenn ich mir das so anschaue, bekomme ich Fernweh 😉 Texas ist ein Bundesstaat, den ich auch gerne noch kennenlernen möchte.

    Ein schönes Wochenende für dich und deine Gattin, und alles Gute weiterhin für Sally 🙂


    • Hallo Ocean,
      danke für den positiven Kommentar. Und Texas ist wirklich eine Reise wert – mehr als nur eine, um genau zu sein, denn es ist ja so riesig, mit so ganz unterschiedlichen Regionen. Ich hoffe übrigens, ich komme (bald) auch einmal dazu, meine Bilder von z.B. West Texas ins Blog zu stellen [Hill Country im Allegmeinen und Fredericksburg im Besonderen habe ich ja schon in meinem Fotoblog]. Einige von meinen West Texas Bildern kannst Du auch bei der Fotocommunity [] sehen.
      Auch Dir ein schönes Wochenende, und kraul’ Lisa-Monsterchen mal ganz lieb von mir,

  2. That first picture looks like the building on the right is what use to be (and still may be) the Hilton Palacio del Rio, the first hotel I ever stayed at on the River Walk. That was way back in 1972 for the State FFA convention.

  3. Dear Pit,
    I am looking forward seeing more pics of San Antonio. What a big city! Seeing your pics I thought it to be an idyllic small marked town.
    Thanks for presenting your new homeland here.
    Have an easy week
    Klausbernd from the sunny coast of North-Norfolk 🙂
    Siri & Selma do send their regards, too, from the Mars, waiting to fly on to 42X 😉

    • Hi Klausbernd,
      I’m glad I was able to show you something about San Antonio you didn’t know yet, and that you like it. I’ll check my pictures and see what I can post. But that may take a while.
      Have a good one, and take care, and my regards to Siri & Selma [hopefully, Curiosity didn’t land on their feet when they were on Mars ;)],

  4. Oh no, Michener is not trival!
    He won the Pulitzerprize, many Films go to his credit, I beg your pardon . 😉
    My favourite; “Die Bucht”. A patient of mine once told me, this book (Chesapeake ist the original title) was one her alltime favourites.

    Nice impressions of San Antonio, Pit! I am adding you to my List as well, thanks for putting me on your Blogroll. x

    Have a lovely weekend, my regards to Mary


    • Hi Dina,
      I agree, Michener’s not trivial. Not that he’s highly sophisticated or deeply philosophical in his writings, but certainly entertaining and very educational. Btw, I’ve read Chesapeake, too, and like it a lot.
      Take care,

  5. Wow, that looks great! Thanks a lot for presenting the highlights of your homelands and to quote Michener, an author I thought to be trivial without having read a book of his.
    In comparison I live in quite a northerly setting.
    Have a relaxing weekend
    Klausbernd from sunny of North-Norfolk 🙂

    • Hallo Klausbernd,
      I agree, the River Walk is really fantastic, considering it’s in the middle of a city of more than 1 million inhabitants. San Antonio is doing a lot to improve its image. I need to get around there more with my camera and post the pictures, as I really like to present the highlights of my new homeland.
      Take care, have a good one, and my regards to the book-fayries Siri and Selma,

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