Sally and Mr. Pickwick

I’ve meant for quite some time now to post a picture of how well our big Sally and little Mr. Pickwick get along. Here it finally is now:

Animal Friends

Animal Friends

Isn’t it sweet, how safe this little kitty feels close to that big dog? Kind of in Sally’s lap, sleeping? Well, Sally is really nice to him. She didn’t become angry with him even when he was in the biting stage of his young cat’s life and bit her feet, legs, and even her nose! She just got up and moved to a different spot.

Talking of Sally: for the last three days she has been at Dr. Patton’s [that’s our vet] again. Her old injury, when she had had that run in with some javalinas in January [posts here, here, and here] had outwardly healed very well, but some bacteria seem to have remained in one of the wounds in spite of all the antibiotics she got, so that it inwardly festered. And earlier this week that abscess broke and I took her to Dr. Patton. He gave her some more antibiotics, but thise didn’t do the trick and he needed to put in a drainage to keep that wound open and draining. A while ago his wife called and told me that I can get her back this afternoon. Let’s hope this will be the last time this wound needs to be  treated.

4 responses to “Sally and Mr. Pickwick

  1. Oh that’s lovely, soooo cute! Hope poor Sally is feeling a lot besser and doesn’t suffer too much, it’s hot, isn’t it?

    Greetings from the North

    • Thanks for your concern, Dina. And yes, Sally is feeling a lot better. And it IS hot, but here, in the living room, with the air conditioning, it’s nice and cool.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

  2. Very cute too =^.^=
    I hope Sally gets better soon!

    • Hi Texas,
      Thanks for the praise. They sure are cute. And Sally thanks you, too, for your wishes.
      Take good care of yourself,

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