New Garage: Finishing the Interior [2]

Am I crazy, I keep asking myself these days when I go ahead and do more work to finish the interior of our new garage just as we’re seriously planning to relocate. But even if that, as we hope, will (soon) come to pass, I still intend to finish the interior as planned, so that, should we rent the house plus the garage, this will not look like a junkyard. And so I’ve put up more shelve-space plus 2 pegboards in the last few days. And that’s what it looks l,ike now, with the new shelves:

work area

Workbench & Pegboards

And the new shelves:


New Shelves

And I’m happy to say that, with the new shelves and the pegboards, every tool now has its spot and I don’t have to move a hundred items to find just one. Plus: I can finally use the workbench for its intended purpose.


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