New Garage: Finishing the Interior [1] – reposted from my Blog in German [April 9, 2011]

Finishing the interior of the new garage is really making good progress. After I had started some time ago to cover the insulation in my future working area with plywood panels I this week constructed a workbench with a shelf underneath. And I’m quite happy with what I, just a hobby-carpenter, managed to get done. And this morning I fixed the first of 5 future bicycle lifts so that, in the future, I can store my bicycles under the rafters. It’s quite easy and works with a system of pulleys. Looks pretty nifty to me. This way it’s easy to pull the bicycles up without much effort and they’re high enough up that I can walk and work underneath.

A few pictures:


Workbench & Bicycle-Lift

More bicycles and wheels are up:


work area

Bicycles & Wheels under the Rafters

Soon, at this wall, there will be another workbench [for Mary], plus more shelves at this wall:

work area

Work Area – with Circular Saw & R2D2

The circular saws, both his one here on a stand and the handheld one, have already proved their worth in the last few days as without them, just using a handsaw and a mitre, I would never have been able to cut the panels and studs that precisely: in straight lines and at any conceivable angle, not to mention the hard work it would have been.


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