New Washing-Machine, New Laundry Dryer

We had planned it for quite a while, but only together with the (overdue) renovation of our kitchen here: we wanted – in the course of this long-planned renovation – to relocate our washing-machine and the clothes dryer to our new garage, even if that would mean somewhat more walking there and back, in order to get more space in our kitchen, which is somewhat on the small side, after all. As I said, we had actually planned that in the course of the renovation, but then, some weeks ago, our washer gave up its ghost and we decided to get a new one. Possibly the old one could have been repaired [after all, it only couldn’t get the water pumped out any more], but there’s no one here in Karnes City to do that, so we’d have to have got someone from San Antonio. And that guy would probably not have had the required spare part and thus would have had to come here a second time – adding to the costs. That’s why we decided to get a new washing-machine.

At the same time we bought a new laundy dryer, because the old one [actually, it isn’t that old] runs on natural gas, and we don’t have that in the new garage. This is why we needed an electrically powered one, since we wanted to have both the washing-machine and the laundry dryer out of the kitchen.

In addition to that we needed a tankless water heater [aka on-demand or point-of-use water heater], since the washing-machine, contrary to what I was used to in Germany, needs to be supplied with warm/hot water. It does have its own heating system, but that is only powerful enough to keep the water at the required temperature or raise it to “very hot” should that be required. We decided in favour of an on-demand water heater and against the more usual ones with a tank as we don’t need the hot in the garage that often and it would be a waste of energy to always keep a supply of hot water there.

Thus we had the plumber and the electrician here during the last few days, to connect the washer and dryer and the water heater, plus run a water line to the new garage. That, which included an old one that ran half the way but was corroded, was quite a bit of work for our plumber. Our electrician had to install a 60 Amps circuit breaker plus run a 220 Volt [not the more usual 110 Volts] to the water heater.

Well, that’s what the garage looks like now:

in the "garn"

Dryer, Washer & Freezer – from the Right

We had planned to put the washer and dryer in this spot – under the stairs – already when we built the garage, and we were happy that it worked out, even with both machines raised – for easier access – on pedestals.

And to the left of the washing-machine there’s our freezer, as said in the caption. We bought that a while ago as our fridge in the kitchen, even if it has “American” dimensions  😉  has not big enough freezing compartments for our purposes.

And this here is the front of the freezer:



Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


13 responses to “New Washing-Machine, New Laundry Dryer

  1. Hi Pit, thanks for visiting! 🙂
    Tha’s really a nice arrangement. I’d love to have an extra freezer like that.

    Have a nice week coming up,


    • Hi Hanne,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We really like this arangement, even if it means to carry the launrdy to that garage – ca. 50 metres. And we really enjoy having that freezer, as it leaves us more room to store frozen goods. We really need that with our southern Texas temperatures.
      Take care,

  2. Hi Pit, sorry for answering not before but I am paintig my wooden window frames, a work I hate, especially since blue colour was dripping on my tiles, oh dear! Ja, die Norfolk Broads, ich antwortete kurz in meinem Blog darauf, sind gleich um die Ecke. I visited your “Bilderbuchblog”, well, potting around with boats is great, isn`t it! I like it too. In a big tide I go out to the seals and into the “real sea”. Beetween Cley beach and the northern polar icecap there is no land anymore, that means real waves, big tides and a lot of sea birds. The broads are for us “inland”. I do not have a narrow boat but I heard about sailing the Englisch channels. I was told, you could go parallel to the whole coast on these inland waterways, well, more or less.
    Texas, da bin ich nur kurz als Jüngling mit dem legendären Greyhound durchgefahren, well, stell ich mir als Land für harte Männer vor. Naja, bei uns gibt`s ja auch die Piratentradition, das waren ja auch keine Weicheier. Der Käptn der Bounty, einige Meuterer und Nelson kamen von hier. Aber heute leben an der Küste Norfolks meistens arrivierte Künstler und Privatiers. Bei dir stell ich mir das völlig anders vor.
    Okay, now my sauna is hot, I need it after all that bl…. painting.
    Herzliche Grüße from The Edge, wie Literaten diese Küste nannten
    Klausbernd und seine Buchfeen Siri & Selma

    • Hallo Klausbernd,
      es gibt aber doch keine Grund, Dich für eine minimale Verzögerung bei einer Antwort zu entschuldigen! Du siehst ja an meiner hier, dass es manchmal eben etwas länger dauern kann. Lassen wir uns von der heutztage möglichen schnellen Kommunikation nicht unter Druck setzen. Ich habe mal gelesen, dass die schnelle Übermittlung von E-Mails den Empfänger dahingehend unter Druck setzt, dass er meint, er müsse auch sofort antworten. Und ich gebe zu, dass ich manchmal auch dieses Gefühl habe, aber ich arbeite dran! ;
      Deine Anstreicharbeiten hast Du ja, wie ich gelesen habe, erfolgreich abgeschlossen. In diesem Bereich habe ich hier – unser Haus [] ist mittlerweile über 70 Jahre alt – noch Einiges zu tun. Das Problem ist, dass es so voller Möbel steht, dass es sehr schwer ist, genügend Arbeitsraum zum Anstreichen – es müssen nämlich auch die Fußböden angeschliffen und gestrichen werden – zu schaffen. Aber ich werde noch schon noch dazu durchringen.
      Zu “potting around in boats”: wirklich großartig. Und auf den Norfolk Broads, so habe ich mal gelesen [in “The Art of Coarse sailing”, glaube ich] kann man den Spruch “mucking around in boats” auch abwandeln in “boating around in muck”. 😉
      Zu den englischen Kanälen: so richtig parallel zur Küste verläuft da m.W. nichts, aber mit über 2000 Meilen binnenländischen Kanalsnetzes kann man vom Süden bis weit hinauf nach Yorkshire schon (fast) alles Regionen Englands – und teils auch von Wales – abklappern.
      Texas imj Greyhound: da musst Du ja Einiges gesehen haben! Und für weite Teile von Texas, besonders im Westen, stimmt das Klischee, dass es ein Land für harte Männer sei – ist also wohl keines.
      Viel Spaß an Land und zur See, und fahr’ nicht ganz so weit raus, besonders, weil es ja dann zwischen Dir und dem Packeis vor’m Nordpol nur noch Wasser gibt. 😉
      Liebe Grüße aus “southern Texas, where everything either bites or stings or stinks”, 😉

  3. I’m not a fan of electricity if I have a choice between it and gas. If I don’t have gas, I’m installing propane.

    When Enron was manipulating the energy markets out here in the late 1990s and early 2000s, virtually everyone, including me, converted everything electric to gas. One of the best things I ever did, even though I was basically forced into it my Enron’s artificially high electricity charges.

    • Hi Russel,
      Thanks for “camping out” in my blog and for your comment.
      I’m in two minds, I must admit. For cooking, I’m a “gas person”, as is my wife. For other purposes, say warm water, I’d favour electricity, though I must admit that gas – natural gas at least – beats electricity as far as money goes, if I’m correct. That’s especially true for us here since we get cheap natural gas from an industrial pipeline that runs across our property. My wife’s father was a clever and far-seeing man. As early as the mid-1920s he negotiated that deal with a gas company, way before the actual pipeline was laid. But now, since we want to sell part of our property, that gas pipepline is a liability, as the pipeline company has a right of way and an easement there, which – to a certain extent – decreases the value of the property we want to sell. And we’d have to convert to propane [or electricity] for the house because we can’t have the meter on a property that we don’t own any more. As the gas company told us, it cannot be moved from its present position. Thus we’d have to dismantle it and convert to propane. Which, in turn, would mean a new water heater plus a new stov/oven, as both are too old to be converted from natural gas to propane.
      Have a good one, and take care,

  4. Darn it Pit the old washer might have just needed a new pump. About a 20 minute job. The new one looks great though – looks like one I just purchased for the housekeeping department at work. The tankless heater is a really smart choice and will certainly save you money ( and not waste precious energy resources). Congratulations. I’ve got to go fold my own clean laundry now…adios, Dohn

    • Hi Dohn,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by and leave a comment. I agree, it might have been just a new pump, but we just didn’t want to run into the money for having someone come out from San Antonio.
      As to tankless water heaters: that’s what I’m used to from Germany, and I really like them. We’re planning to replace the tank water heater in our house by 2 tankless [point-of-use] ones. That would save a lot of water [which, to my mind, is the most precious natural resource we have] as the long pipes to the faucets need to be cleared of cold water first, as it is now.
      Thanks for your praise as to the nedw washer and dryer. I agree, they are quite biggish, but the good thing is, that, with all the modern gadgets, they determine how much laundry is in there and only use the necessary amount of water/electricity to do the job.
      Hope you got your own laundry folded!
      Have a good one, and take care,

  5. Wow, I am impressed, your arrangement looks great and so much space!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Well, we both are expats …
    Greetings from the sunny North-Norfolk coast
    Klausbernd and his bookfayries Siri & Selma

    • Hallo Klausbernd,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by and leave a comment. These new machines do look great, don’t they? And as to the space: we did build that new garage [btw, we coined a new word for it, “garn”, as it’s a mix of a Garage and bARN] quite biggish, as we needed quite a bit of space, for 2 cars [], and a lot of storage, plus some work space [] for myself.
      Re visting your blog: I enjoyed it, and will return frequently.
      As to Norfolk: as I wrote in Dina’s blog, Norfok is one of the corners of England I haven’t visited yet, but have always wanted to since reading Michael Green’s “The Art of Coarse Sailing”.
      Talking of travelling in England: maybe I could interest you in my “Bilderbuch” Blog, in which I’m just now posting pictures from my narrowboat trip on English canals and rivers last year. It starts here:
      Take care, and have a good one, as the Texans say,

  6. So was machst du ja in Texas junger man ?
    ich lebe in Nebraska und Mary’s teardrop is my baby.

    • Hallo Egon,
      danke für’s Vorbeischauen in meinem Blog und für den Kommentar. Was ich in Texas mache? Ich lebe hier, seit ein paar Jahren schon, nachdem ich hier geheiratet habe. Danke übrigens für das unzutreffende Kompliment “junger Mann”! 😉
      Liebe Grüße nach Nebraska, und stay cool [in Anbetracht der Hitzewelle im mittleren Weste],
      P.S.: Und schau’ doch mal wieder hier vorbei. Würde mich freuen.
      P.P.S. “Mary’s teardrop”: ist damit der Camaro gemeint?

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