Texas Hill Country

I’m re-reading James Michener‘s “Texas” for the umpteenth time just now and found this wonderful description of the Texas Hill Country there:

“[…] this wonderland of Central Texas, this marvellously rich congregation of small atreams winding down valleys, of sudden meadowlands encompassed by hills, of a hundred acres of bluebonnets in the spring, and of the probing fingers of the man-made lakes, creeping deep into the rolling corners of the land.

James Michener, Texas ( New York, 1985), p. 1235

Here’s just three pictures of some beautiful vistas near Fredericksburg:

Crabapple Creek

Crabapple Creek

Crabapple Creek

Crabapple Creek Again

Barons' Creek

Barons’ Creek

For more pictures, you might want to check out my bicycling blog here [Fredericksburg Rides] and my “Bilderbuch“, starting here [Hill Country Impressionen (I)].

6 responses to “Texas Hill Country

  1. Great post and pictures…

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  4. The Hill Country is beautiful. I saw a glimpse of it and it was amazing. I hope one day to really stay there for a few days and experience its breathtaking charms and nature’s wonders. Thanks.

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