Our “Fatty”

I’ve meant to publish a picture and some remarks about Pepper, our – to say the least – heaviest cat. Here he finally is:



He came to us as a stray more than two years ago and very soon settled in and became the dominant cat around the house.

We’ve always suspected there must be word-of-mouth around the stray cat population here in Karnes County, something along the lines, “If you don’t know where to get food and shelter, just run over to the Hickok place!” Or maybe they have even signposts out which we haven’t detected yet, saying, “For food, hang a left [or right, respectively] here!”

But back to Pepper: even if he soon became the dominant cat and sometimes terrorized the others – or, in a better mood, just let them know who is the boss – we have not yet been able to touch him. He still is too wary. We can’t come closer than, say, 2 or 3 feet. Only in the mornings, when he is hungry and sitting on the rafters in the garage, waiting for his food, one can come closer with one’s hand. But never touch him. We’d really like to get him and take him to the vet for a check-up and his shots, plus for having him fixed – but impossible. Maybe he senses what’s going to happen to him once we can catch him!   😉

Here’s another, more recent picture of him:



Talking of dominant: He did rein in Oprah, this hissing witch who, in the house, terrorized the much bigger Frankie, so that she is reluctant to go out now, but he got his come-uppance when Bixby arrived. I’ve seen Bixby chasing Pepper all over the property. And, to tell the truth, Pepper is also very nice to little Mr. Pickwick. I’ve not yet seen him attack that little guy.


8 responses to “Our “Fatty”

  1. Hiya Pepper!
    Hiya Pit! Thanks for taking care of Pepper =^.^=

    • Hi Texas,
      You’re most welcome. We take care of any stray cat that comes our way. Just now, 6 of our 7 cats are strays. We either found them here or someone else picked them up and asked us, if we’d take care of them. As to cats coming by: we sometimes think they must have a sign out on the highway, pointing strays to our house. Something like, “You need shelter and food, you just go to the Hickok place! They’ll take you in there.” 😉 Btw, our big dog, Sally [] is a stray, too.
      Take care,

  2. Hi, Pit.

    I say you’re comment at Sabrina’s about not getting the Bundesliga games here. ESPN3, available on the internet, shows them. They may be on delay, but it’s better than nothing.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for mentioning ESPN3 and the internet to see German soccer here in the US. I’ve found quite a few live streams here, including, I think, ESPN3, but the quality sometines is very poor, maybe due to the lack of bandwidth we have here with our internet connection. Quite often the pictures are very jerky. And, of course, the resolution is not too good so that you can only view them in a very small window. Well, better than nothing, but sometimes I simply listen to the radio commentary on And who know, maybe some time we’ll get satellite (or cable) tv and then I could even have some German tv here.
      Best regards, and thanks again for mentioning the internet for soccer,

  3. Pepper’s a little cutie.

  4. You fatty is just big boned and so cute 🙂

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by at my blog and commenting. I agree, he’s not that fat. It’s his big head actually that creates that impression. So, my apologies to Pepper. 😉 I wonder if he cares??!! 😉
      Best regards from southern Texas,

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