My Humans Are Really Daft!


Fast Asleep

Now these sneaky humans just take a picture of me that looks like I have had a bottle of beer and then fallen asleep. And it was my human, at that, who had this bottle while I was sleeping the sleep of the righteous, as the saying goes, and wasn’t expecting any nonsense. And then I have to seethis picture of myself! And even on the internet! What am I to think of such an underhandedness? I’m utterly disappointed. It makes me lose my confidence in mankind, really!

And with them having this picture, where I’m quietly – and even a little pensively – lying at my scratching post:

Mr. Pickwick

Mr. Pickwick at His Scratching Post

And I really like it here. Wouldn’t that have been the much better picture?

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

12 responses to “My Humans Are Really Daft!

  1. I didn’t think a PC would cool you off to sleep, that’s gorgeous!


    • It must have been the beer then, right?! 😉 Well, Mr. Pickwick can sleep anywhere, anytime, to tell the truth.
      Take care,

  2. Mr Pickwick is quite right – shame on you for bringing disrepute to his name! He is a beautiful cat, too!! 🙂

  3. Hiya Mr. Pickwick!
    Is that your forever home?

    • Hi Texas,
      Mr. Pickwick asked me to say “hello” to you, too, and tell you that he’s pretty sure that this here is his permanent home. Where else could he find such nice toes [ours] to bite??!! 😉
      Take care, and enjoy NY,

  4. Ah, yes, Shiner. The beer of college students throughout Texas. lol

    • Hi,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by at my blog and commenting. Well, I’m not a college student, but I like it, too. Besides Shiner Bock, I like Tecate and MGD, as fas as US or Mexican beers are concerned, and then my native Germany’s Warsteiner [Pils & dunkel], Bitburger and Koestritzer Schwarzbier – all of which I have at some times been able to buy hereabouts. And I can even get them on tap at the Friesenhaus in New Braunfels.
      Best regards, and “prost”,

      • No surprise that you can get them on tap in New Braunfels. I had some of the best beers in New Braunfels when I was in college at Texas A&M. New Braunfels was a serious part of my college stomping grounds.

        • We really like the Friesenhaus, for it’s German food and the German beers they have on tap. It’s a pity that it’s about 60 miles from here – even if that really is still “in the neighbourhood” by Texan standards. 😉

  5. What Weizen is that? I miss a good Bavarian Hefeweizen, but I’ve never found a decent one here in the states.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. As to your question, it’s a Shiner Hefeweizen from the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner/TX. I really don’t know if it’s a Hefeweizen to be recommended as I’m definitely not an authority on that type of beer, having lived all my life north of the so-called “Weisswurst Aequator” aka the River Main. They describe it as “Orange and lemon peels combined with Texas cover honey give our unfiltered wheat Hefeweizen a special Shiner-made taste. Pour, swirl, pour again and enjoy with a lemon wedge!” I’d be rather doubtful that it can come close to what you’d be thinking of in the ways of a good Bavarian Hefeweizen. To my mind, too much additional stuff is put into beers here in the US as there’s no such thing as a “Reinheitsgebot”. The only Shiner I really like is their Bock. But don’t think it’s like a Bavarian brew of the same name – not by far. But still, pleasant to drink, and defnitely much more substantikal in taste tghan beers like Lone Star, Budweiser or Coors. Well, permit me to say, it’s quite preposterous to call them “beers”. 😉
      Hope you’ll find a decent hefeweizen here in the US some time.
      Take care,
      P.S.: Next time in Fredericksburg I might try the “El Hefe” at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company and let you know.

    • Hi Randall,
      The June 2008 edition of the Texas Highways Magazine had an article about Texas Microbreweries, and they were full of praise for the Live Oak Hefeweizen brewed by the Live Oak Brewing Company in Austin. It’s brewed in the German tradition according to the “Reinheitsgebot”. Check their website out here and read an evaluation here.
      Should we really be able to buy the property we want in the Hill Country [keep your fingers crossed, please], you’re invited to stay there and maybe we can sample some beers together.
      Best regards,

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