More Mr. Pickwick

I really love to play with my squeaky mouse:

squeaky mouse

Mr. Pickwick and His Squeaky Mouse

This mouse is suspended from an elastic rubber string and squeaks [I have no idea how that works as it doesn’t need any batteries nor winding up] whenever it’s being moved, even if ever so slightly. We bought this for Oprah and she did play with it for some time, but never as enthusiastically as Mr. Pickwick. He can play with it for what seems to be hours. He can get really crazy with it, jumping around like mad. It’s absolute fun to watch him. And another advantage: as long as he’s playing with that mouse, he won’t bite our toes!  😉

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


One response to “More Mr. Pickwick

  1. The only “toys” my cat likes are the red rings from the gallon milk jugs and pine needles from the back port. Everything else she turns her nose up which, of course, saves me a lot of money on toys. lol

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