After Mary’s son had discovered three snakes in our garden in the last two days, I decided to take the shotgun with me when I did my garden work today, but luckily I didn’t need it as I encountered no snakes.


2 responses to “Gardening

  1. Don’t kill snakes just because they are snakes, though. Without them you’d have many more rats and mice. Just create an appropriate landscape that is not conducive to snakes staying around.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by at my blog and commenting. And thanks for the advice. But it might be a tad difficult, regarding the spread and layout of our proerty here and the vegetation, to create a less conducive environment for snakes. We just hope that the cats and our dog will keep them away. And I think that, to a certain extent, is the case. We seem to have less snakes here than other people nearby. And, of course, the cats take care of the rat and mouse population. I’d kill a snake only if it’s a poisonous one very close to the house.
      Best regards,

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