Mr. Pickwick

Yep, that’s the new kitty’s name. Mary is reading Charles Dickens‘ “Pickwick Papers” just now and as soon as we got to know for sure that he’s a male she came up with that name, Mr. Pickwick. And, as you can see, he’s already into computers.  😉

Mr. Pickwick

I’m an Intelligent Kitten: I Like Computers!

Ain’t I cute?

Mr. Pickwick

On Full Alert

Now what’s going on there?

Mr. Pickwick

Just Plain Nosy

And here I’m ready to pounce – not on this kind of mouse, though:

Mr. Pickwick

I’m Ready to Pounce

Well, this little guy is lots of fun!

15 responses to “Mr. Pickwick

  1. Hi
    Some time ago, when I was googling “Mr Pickwick” – that is, the Dickens character – I came across your blog, and your incredibly cute cat of the same name. I made a note of your blog’s address, knowing that one day I would contact you.
    You see, I have actually written a novel about the origins and afterlife of The Pickwick Papers which will be published later this year – and, believe it or not, cats do play quite an important role in its pages. You see, my main character, the artist Robert Seymour , who was the first illustrator of The Pickwick Papers, had an ambiguous attitude towards cats, judging from his pictures – sometimes loving them, sometimes hating them – and I thought that this was an aspect of his character which I could use to good effect in the novel.
    Anyway, I do hope you and your wife you will take a look at my novel, if you get an opportunity. It’s called Death and Mr Pickwick, and it will be published in May by the Random House Group (in the UK) and in June by Farrar, Straus & Giroux (in the USA). You can find out more information at:
    By the way, you’ll see on that site a link to a facebook page I have just set up for the novel. I would be delighted if you could post a picture of Mr Pickwick (meaning your cat) there.
    Best wishes
    Stephen Jarvis

    • Hi Stephen,
      as I’m not on Facebook, I can’t post a picture of Mr. Pickwich there, but feel free to copy and paste one of those here on my blog. Just give me the usual credits plus a link to the blog entry.
      Good luck with your novel,

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  3. Mr. Pickwick is cute – and I “know” cute when I see it! Thanks for liking one of my blog posts…..I do like to keep humans entertained! My Mom lived in Weisbaden in the early 50s – her Dad was in the Air Force and they were stationed there for two years. She and my Dad have been back to Germany on a Rhine River cruise a few years ago……The only cruising I do is up and down the stairs in our house and sometimes outside in my yard (but not today – it’s 102 outside!!).

    Nice to meet you – say hi to Mr. Pickwick for me….

    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

    • Hi Sammy,
      Thanks for taking your time to visit this blog and commenting. Mr. Pickwick says “hello”, too, and his purring happily because of your greeting. Btw, he keeps us humans entertained, too – sometimes by just biting our toes. He’s at that age just now when he likes to bite at everything – even our dog’s tail! But Sally [] is ever so patient and either lets him or just moves to a different spot.
      Glad to hear tzhat your humans know Germany, my native country. As to you not wanting to go outside at these temps: I can understand. Mr. Pickwick, btw, is still nosy enough to want to even go out at these temps. And 2 of our other cats [we have 7 just now] stay outside all the time..
      Well, that’s all just now: enjoy the day!

  4. He’s just a kitty still, a very lovable kitty!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for taking your time to stop by at my blog and commenting. I certainly agree: he’s a cute and lovable kitty. We enjoy watching him a lot.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  5. Like! Like! Like! Wie niedlich der kleine Kerl ist 😀 Hoffentlich habt Ihr noch ganz viel Freude an und mit ihm 😀

    • Hallo Wolke,
      danke für’s Vorbeischauen und für den netten Kommentar. Der kleine Mr. Pickwick ist wirklich nur zu süß. Und wir hoffen auch, dass wir noch viel Freude an ihm haben werden. Er ist übrigens ganz schön aktiv und turnt überall herum. Weil er jetzt schon auf den Bäumen draußen herumklettert und – hopst, hatten wir auch schon mal dran gedacht, ihn “Tarzan” zu taufen. Aber dann gefiel uns “Mr. Pickwick” doch besser.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

    • Hallo Wolke,
      ein wirklich putziges Kerlchen! Und wir haben echt viel Freude an ihm, auch wenn er ab und zu in meine Zehen beißt! 😉 Demnächst kommen noch mehr Fotos von ihm.

  6. What a beautiful kitty cat!! Very inquisitive, a geek to boot. 😉 Love his name!

    • Hi Betty,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Glad you like this little kitty, too. And his name. He’s really (too) sweet. And yes, very inquisitive. And sooooooo much fun. We like him a lot.
      Take care,

      • I was just reading your post and she is retreating a bit. 😦 Hiding in the closet? Poor thing, just getting use to her new surroundings I think! I am glad she is getting along with, OMG, forgot the name of the other pet! 😦

        • Hi Betty,
          It’s not Mr Pickwick, the new one, who’s hiding in the closet. Certainly not him, as he’s a most inquisitive guy. He’s even ventured out into the garden already, running up and down trees. It’s the older one, Oprah, who now likes to have some peace and doesn’t like to be bothered by this nosy little fellow, Mr Pickwick. Thus it’s her that sometimes seeks refuge in te hallway closet. But we’re glad she does that and doesn’t attack the little one.
          Best regards, and have a great weekend,
          P.S.: I hope that recent tornado up in Wisconsin didn’t come close to you.

    • Hi Betty,
      Yep, that little guy IS cute. As to computers: I think he’s more interested in gnawing at the cables! And when he does that too much, he gets banished to the kitchen! 😉
      Take care,

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