Bernie – the Movie

This movie, “Bernie“, about an embalmer and assistant director of a funeral home in the town of carthage in East Texas, who first embalms a woman’s husband, then befriends and finally kills her, is what we watched yesterday afternoon at the Bijou Cinema in San Antonio and which we both enjoyed absolutely. First of all there are the two main actors, Jack Black as Bernie Tiede, and Shirley MacLane as Mrs. Nugent, both of whom play their respective roles perfectly. But what both Mary and I liked even more were the amateur actors – the real Carthage natives, this small East Texas town where not only the film plays but where the true story the film is based on happened. These amateur actors can easily challenge any professional character actor, and had they had more on-screen time allotted to them, even professionals like Shirley MacLane and Jack Black would have been hard put to compete. These amateurs were – and that was what really appealed to me – were absolutely authentic small-town East Texas, both with their views and their accents. Well their language could nearly be called dialect. And even if that made it hard for me to understand everything, but on the other hand it was exactly that that made the film hilariously funny. Both Mary and I want to buy the DVD to be able to watch the movie again as to better understand all of it.


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