Good Time Charlie’s

Even if it looks like I’ve only been posting about food and restaurants lately, here’s another posting on those two (related) subjects. Last Sunday we [i.e. Mary, cousins Margaret and Gordon and I] were in San Antonio for a Loretta Lynn concert at the Majestic Theatre [more about that in another posting], and before the concert we had dinner at Good Time Charlie’s on Broadway at the intersection with Mulberry Ave. Mary had often enthusiastically talked about that restaurant and especially their onion rings, and thus we decided to go there for dinner, and were absolutely not disappointed – quite the contrary.

I’d call it a typical American Diner, non-descript outside and quite unpretentious inside, but with excellent food. We tried the onion rings as appetizers and were not disappointed, neither with the amolunt served nor with the taste: big-sized cuts with a good bite on them still, and crisply fried in a yummy batter. As entree Mary had Hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and green beans wrapped in bacon, Margaret Nachos, Gordon chicken fried steak with French fries and green beans, too, and I had fried catfish with French fries and spinach.

Let’s ust talk about my entree: the fries were as they ought to be [unless you get the much coarser cut “Texas fries“], thinly cut and very crisp, the spinach was sauteed just enough to make it wilt but still with a little bite on it, and the catfish was exactly right – not dry at all. And it came with a very tasty home-made tartar sauce. The others, btw, were full of praise for their entrees, too.

Again, I’d like to recommend the service at Good Time Charlie’s, which left us enough time to study the menu and then made sure that we had finished our appetizer before she served the main courses. I know that is one of my pet peeves, but I can’t help it.   😉

The only criticism is the small size of the tables – something, too, that I frequently notice in restaurants here in the US. There was barely enough room on our table for the drinks and the main courses, even considering the fact that the latter – as it’s usually the case hereabouts – came fully prepared on just one plate, and not, as I’m used to, with the side dishes in separate bowls. Just with the plates of food and the drinks our table was “at full capacity”. All the more it was really good that we had only been served the main courses after we had finished the appetizer.

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