Texas Ebony

A little more than three years ago we planted this tree/shrub [Texas Ebony aka Ebenopsis Ebano]  …

Texas Ebony

Texas Ebony & Bird Bath

… in our front yardand it has developed really nicely. Of course: as a native of the Chihuahuan Desert and therefore extremely drought-tolerant it’s extraodinary well suited for this semi-arid region. In addition to that, it is very undemanding and tolerates nearly any type of soil. At present it is blossoming and spreads a wonderfully sweetly fragrant scent. We enjoy it daily and are happy about this enrichment of our front yard.

Talking of bush/tree: if it’s not trimmed, a Texas Ebony grows in a more bushy shape – as here in our front yard. Fairly slowly growing, it can – in ideal conditions – finally reach about 10 feet in height, but always with a broad canopy.

This here is the Texas Ebony from a different angle:

Texas Ebony

Texas Ebony

And now a few more detailed pictures:

Texas Ebony

The Paintbrush-Like Lightly-Yellowish Cream-Coloured Blossoms

Texas Ebony

Fresh Shoots & Blossoms

And this is how it fits into the wider landscape:

Texas Ebony

Texas Ebony

2 responses to “Texas Ebony

  1. That’s a nice looking plant. I’ve always enjoyed desert flora and spring wildflower time in the Southwest is amazing.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. We like this type of vegetation very much, too. Btw, one of the places we looked at in the vicinity of Fredericksburg had a 10-acre property just looking like West Texas brush country. That, plus a fantastic view of the Pedernales Valley would make it an ideal spot to relocate to.
      Best regards,

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