Deer Ridge Cottage

That’s the name of the small – well, actually, at 775 square feet, it wasn’t that small at all – cottage we rented in Cain City near Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country on Sunday and Monday:

Deer Ridge Cottage

Deer Ridge Cottage: From the West & Driveway

This way, built in limestone like many other houses around here, especially more recent houses, it presented itself to us when we arrived: in bright sunshine, under a cloudless blue Texas late-spring sky. And not only the house itself but also the area around it – the little front garden and the lawn – were spotless and absolutely well kept. This picture shows, as the caption says, the west side with the living-room windows.

This fantastic holiday cottage is ideally located on the slope of a 6-acre property with grass and trees [mainly Cedars] above the small town of Cain City, about 5 miles southeast of Fredericksburg/TX. The owners also have their house on the property, but further up the hill, separated from the cottage by trees – which gives both them and their guests privacy. But even so there was quite a bit of area to walk around. The following pictures shows Deer Ridge Cottage from further down, approximately half way between the gate to the property and the cottage:

Deer Ridge Cottage

Deer Ridge Cottage from Half-Way Down to the Gate

Just sitting on the porch and letting the eyes roam far across the valley of the Pedernales River

Deer Ridge Cottage

Deer Ridge Cottage: Views from the Porch across the Pedernales Valley

… watching the hummingbirds …



… or the deer:



what more is necessary to give peace to mind and body?

A few more remarks:

This cottage had everything 4 people might need for a longer stay, even a washing-machine and a drier in a separate utility-room closet. And best of all: the whole property – owner’s house, cottage and acreage – are for sale, as we found out on Monday morning, when we drove around Cain City for some sightseeing. Now that surely did put ideas in our heads as we’re seriously considering to relocate to the Texas Hill Country, and Fredericksburg and surroundings would be one of our two favourite destinations, the other being Lake LBJ.

We also looked at property in Fredericksburg, btw, and certainly found some places which were to our liking, but none, of course, with views like the “Double W”  as this place in Cain City was called. Looking for property was one of the two reasons for us visiting Fredericksburg, the other being to retrieve the cover for the luggage area of our Escape, which we had left behind when we stayed at Green’s Guest House in Fredericksburg at the end of March. The people of Gästehaus Schmidt keep things thar are found for up to six weeks -longer on request – but we really wanted to have the cover back and use it.

For dinner on Sunday evening we went to the restaurant of the Fredericksburg Brewing Company, and as when we ate at the “El Maguey” at the end of March we were anything but happy with the quality of the food. For starters we had fried pickles, and this was the only one of our dishes which was good: tasty and hot. As entrees we had chicken fried steak with onion rings and beer battered fries [Mary] and Oma’s meatloaf with creamy coleslaw and also beer battered fries [myself]. The onion rings were really good, admittedly, and the coleslaw really merited “creamy”, but other than that the food left plenty to be deserved: the chicken fried staek was overcooked and therefore tough and dry, the meatloaf was barely lukewarm, and the fries seemed to have been left over from the day before: they were less than lukewarm and quite soggy. Moreover, they were definitely not “beer battered”, but just plain French fries. As we were at a brewery, I – of course – had some freshly brewed draught beer. First I had a glass of Pioneer Porter, which was a really smooth dark British-type ale, and then I had a small sampler glass of Maibock, which I liked a lot, too.

Comclusion as to the Fredericksburg Brewing Company: for their beers they can be recommended, but not for their food.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

11 responses to “Deer Ridge Cottage

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  2. Looks nice I will have to check them out… Thanks

  3. I’d been to the hill country several times. Lovely area that stays close to its roots…and yet progressive

    • Hi,
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      What I – as a native German – of course like are the German roots there. Where the Main Street is also called “Hauptstrasse”. And then the climate there is more tolerable than hereabouts, even if it’s ust 150 miles away. But it’s the elevation that helps.
      Take care, and enjoy your Sunday,

  4. Beautiful views. I must visit that area! What’s land going for down there?


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.
      The Hill Country is well worth visiting. And, with your wife being German, I think Fredericksburg especially would be something. They even call the Main Street “Hauptstrasse”, too. If you ever come, let me know, and we might be able to meet. I’d love to.
      Re real estate prices: now those vary a lot, as to where you’re looking. That place we stayed at, 5.9 acres, plus a 3/2 main house and the 1/1 cottage, with those gorgeous views, has an asking price of $775K. Might be a little too much, as it has been on the market for close to a year and not found a buyer yet. In-town Fredericksburg, 0.2 – 0.4 acres, with a 3/2, go for anything between $200K to $400K, I think. Just acreage, $5000/acre upwards, depending on where and what’s available utilitywise.
      We’ll find out more soon, as we’really looking around.
      Best regards,

  5. Well…it doesn’t let you choose which pic…only the first one is shown! Oh well!

    • Thanks for trying to show it on your Pinterest collection. What if you go to the article in my blog, and then click on the picture? That should open just the (full) picture in a new window. And then you might be able to add this to your collection.
      Best regards from southern Texas, and have a good evening,

  6. I used to live in Dallas for 10 years! I love your hummingbird photo. Since you have the Pinterest button up…I’ll add it to my collection! Thanks!

    • So you lived in dallas for 10 years! How did you like Texas?
      Thanks again for putting up my hummingbird picture on Pinterest. I must soon upload more, as I think I have better ones.
      Have a great weekend,

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