Tornadoes – Update

According to a new study, “Tornado Alley” has grown wider in the recent years and now includes much of the Midwest and the Deep South.

For more information, including a map pf the old and new geographical extension of “Tornado Alley” see USA Today.

I must admit, the new area’s southernmost boundary does come uncomfortably close to San Antonio.


4 responses to “Tornadoes – Update

  1. We’re setting up for a long night of T-Storms and tornado watches here, as the Texas/Oklahoma storms move in at about six. My weather radio will get a work out, I’m sure.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I hope it was only your weather radio that got a busy time, and not yourself, and that everything went well. In fact, I read here that the tornadoes were bad, but occurred mostly in less densely populated areas, so that no human lives were lost. Property damage, though, seems to have quite extensive in some places. Well, as said: I hope you have been spared.
      Take care, and have a great Sunday,

  2. Be careful out there, weather people are saying it is going to be a bad year! Make sure you “batten down the hatches”. 🙂

    • Hi Betty,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. We’ll certainly be careful. And let’s hope we won’t have to “batten down the hatches”, as we’re not in Tornado Alley. But you never know: tornadoes are not uncommon here. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
      Have a great Sunday,

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