Oversized Bunsen Burner

This is what it looked like across the highway after fracking was done:


Oversized Bunsen Burner

After fracking was done and over with, it looked like this for a while across the highway from our property. I don’t really know what they were doing, except that they were burning off some gas. Quite a bit, at that. We were afraid that this might continue as long as those two wells are producing, as some say that wells need to be  flared in order for them to produce and that we’d have to endure the hissing noise of the flame plus the smell – both were quite noticeable with wind from the southwest – for the foreseeable future, but luckily they killed that flame and dismantled the “burner”. Well, of course we don’t know what’s to come, but we can still hope it won’t be too bad. And just now there’s quiet again – for a while at least.

Additional remark as to oil activities: if you look closely at the picture, you can see 4 more rigs on the horizon.

But still: with all that oil activity, and especially the increased traffic hereabouts, we’re seriously considering to move. At present Lake LBJ in the Highland Lakes area of the Texas Hill Country is our favourite, as there we could combine bicycling and sailing – my two hobbies.

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4 responses to “Oversized Bunsen Burner

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  3. So when are you going to sink a well on your land?


    • Hi Randall,
      In fact, we have two. One is fairly old, but still producing a steady amount. That’s on 100 acres between here and Hobson of which Mary jointly owns the mineral rights together with her her cousin. That well goes down to a max depth of 4,500 feet. The depth below that [reaching down to the Eagle Ford Shale] is leased to a different company, but they haven’t started drilling yet. We hope they’ll do soon, and will produce, too. And then – with our property here around the house [45 acres] and 80 acres [of which Mary owns half the minerals] adjecent to here we’re in a pool. That well has been drilled and fracked, but they’re not producing as yet. Maybe they’re waiting for a pipeline which is just being built. Let’s hope all will turn out well.
      Take care,

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