Gasoline Price War

After a new Super Wal Mart with a gas station has opened in nearby Floresville, this Wal Mart and the H.E.B there are on a price war as far as gasoline prices are concerned and keep undercutting each other – to the utter delight of us consumers. Yesterday I got my gas at Wal Mart for as low as $3.429 per gallon! And that’s a real bargain considering that the other gas stations in Floresville sell Regular at $3.679 and here in Karnes City we have to pay $3.879 at least. [H.E.B. in Floresville had it for 1 cent more than Wal Mart, btw.] I sure hope they’ll continue their “price war” for a loooooooong time.  😉

4 responses to “Gasoline Price War

  1. I Hawaii we pay the highest price for fuel. High test at the ‘cheap’ stations is $4.99.

    • Hi Dohn,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I just did some calculation: even with $4.99 per gallon you’re still quite well off compared to gasoline orices in my native Germany, which, at present, would be ca. $9.5 per gallon. Not that this may be of any kind of solace to you, but the good effect of those high gasoline prices Germany has had for decades is that this led to designing some of the most fuel efficient cars in the world. And when I see people here having their engines running while they’re shopping or eating in a restaurant, I always think that gasoline orices aren’t high enough yet.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  2. I’m still paying $3.75 here, but we usually have the lowest gas prices in the nation. I’m dreading going on vacation this year.


    • Hi Randall,
      Karnes City has always had and still has outrageous gas prices. So we try to get it either in Floresville or in San Antonio when we’re there. As to vacation: we’ll have to see if we’ll do our long vacation through the midwest and east which we had planned for April/May. If so, gas money will certainly be quite a substantial part of the expenses. Maybe we shopuld just bicycle ALL the way! 😉
      Take care, and have a great Easter weekend,

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