Two Things …

… show that I’m not a real Texan:

  • When I open my mouth, it’s what I always call “British English with a German accent“, and
  • I go out and work in the garden when it’s hottest – in the afternoon – instead of doing the sensible thing and work early or late.

2 responses to “Two Things …

  1. My wife’s English has no German tint to it, but we’re still working on getting the British part out. Someday, I swear, we’ll get to her to have an Ozark Mountain twang.


    • Hi Randall,
      My English has always had a trace of a Cologne accent. I’ve never been able to eliminate that in my German, either. I can detect it when I hear myself from a recording: faint, but there all the same. And at my age and having come over to the US so late in my life I doubt if I’ll ever acquire a Texas drawl. 😉
      Best regards,

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