Ready to Roll

Last weekend, more precisely, from Friday until the day before yesterday [Monday] we were in Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country , on the occasion of the 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour . And that here is what it looks like when 4 people want to travel, including bicycles for a long weekend: pretty much stuff to take with you.


The Escape, and the Trailer with Bicycles and Luggage, Ready to Roll

Usually when it’s only the two of us, Mary and me, who travel we have the bicycles inside the car, but with four people that’s not possible of course.

For the weekend itself we stayed, as we did last year, at Green’s Guest House . This is a beautiful and large bungalow in the middle of Fredericksburg, but in a very quiet residential area, with plenty of space for 6 people in three bedrooms, with a large living-room, a kitchen with adjoining dining-room and two bathrooms: large very well maintained. For Friday afternoon I had planned – “to set the mood” so to speak and also because I had not planned to take part in the tour myself but to help [as a support vehicle, “sagging” as it’s called by cyclists here] – a short bike ride [“Twilight Twenty” ] of about 20 miles. But [probably because I had taken only a relatively small breakfast, and that even very early that morning and nothing after that] after we arrived, I felt a little “weak on me pins” and tired, too, and thus I lay down and slept through the afternoon. And then, during the night my heart just “screwed up” again – as it sometimes does – and so the next morning, unfortunatelyI was not fit to drive the car and accompany the cyclists and support them if necessary. So I stayed home, while Mary and her cousin Jo Ann went to the bike tour. Mary helped out [at an intersection/turn-off to ensure that everyone would take the right route] and Jo Ann participated in the 30-mile tour. For both of them it was really a nice experience.

In the late afternoon I slowly felt better again and we [including our friend and relative Craig, who, on Saturday morning, had to go back to Karnes City , and so had not been able to participate in the tour] went out for dinner together, at “El Maguey”, a Mexican restaurant that Mary and I had found two years ago and then had liked very much. Unfortunately, however, the quality had now fallen sharply. Only my fajitas came to the table hot. For the other three the food was barely lukewarm. Too bad.

On Sunday I finally really wanted to ride myself, the tour that I had actually been planned for Friday, “Twilight Twenty”. But pretty early on I realized that I was not in the shape to even do that short ride: my heart rate was unusually high quite soon and my legs were already burning on the first short climbs. And so it happened that after about 6.5 miles, not even half way through the ride, I decided to turn back as I didn’t believe I could manage the whole distance. Back at Green’s Guest House, I then lay down and slept through the entire rest of the day – unfortunately. Not quite the bicycling weekend I had intended it to be.    😦

And then, on Sunday night, some back pain started and got worse and quite unpleasant during the early morning hours, so that all movements, especially bending, were difficult to nearly impossible. The return journey [Mary did the driving] was anything but pleasant, and I was glad when we were home again.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

12 responses to “Ready to Roll

  1. Great collection of bikes back there! Sorry to hear about your back pain – hope you are back up and having the biking weekend you are looking for soon.

    • Hi Anita,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Re my collections of bikes on the trailer, they were for my wife, her cousin, a friend of ours and myself. As to my “personal collection” of bicycles, I really need to update my bicycle blog [] with pictures of all my bikes. My “old favourite” is there, plus a description of the others.
      best regards,

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  3. Your journey sounds wonderful! You enjoyed yourself too, a plus. 🙂 I am sorry about your back, how is it feeling today?

    • Hi Betty,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, the journey was indeed wonderful – except, of course, for my back pain. We always like to go to the the Hill Country. It’s ever so lovely there. Maybe we should move there. But then, we have all our friends and relatives here in and around Karnes City.
      Re my back: it’s feeling a tad better this afternoon. This morning, though, it felt much worse than yesterday. Just keep your fingers crossed that it’ll mend soon.
      Take care,

      • I am glad you had a nice weekend. I hope your back is feeling better very, very soon! It must be a bit aggravating, to say the least.

        • Hi Betty,
          As I said in other answers, the Hill Country is really beautiful and area. You might want to check out my “Bilderbuch” blog for that, cf. here:

          You can find more in the “Kategorien” by choosing “Fredericksburg” or “Hill Country”.
          Best regards,

        • Hi Betty,
          Thanks for you thinking about my back. It’s better, but still not all right yet. I agree: it’s been quite aggravating. I hope, though, that it’ll get better and better, even if slowly.
          Happy Easter,

          • I’m sorry it isn’t completely better. 😦 I hope it stops bothering you very soon. Is it still very painful???

            • Not really painful any more. Sometimes I feel nothing at all, sometimes it’s just uncomfortable. Moving about is best, btw. It’s worst in the mornings, after a full night in bed. But I’m sure that, especially with the physical therapy I’m getting, it’ll eventually go away. Thanks again for asking and for your concerb.
              Take care,

              • Oh. ;( Any pain at all is not good. Do you need a new mattress!?!?!?!? Could that be the problem?

                • Hi Betty,
                  Here at home, we Do have anew mattress, which is fairly hard, and that’s exactly what my back needs. But at that weekend in Fredericksburg, the mattress was softer, and that’s not good for my back. In addition to that, because of some irregular heartbeat and a general weakness [I don’t think I had eaten enough], I was in bed for about three fourths of the time – and that was way too much. But as I said, my back is feeling much better by now.
                  Take care, and have a great Sunday,

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