Five Inches of Rain …

… in about 3 hours: YEAH! Today in the late afternoon and early evening hours we had as much rain as I have never seen here before. But we’re happy about it as we can still use that and more and especially as that thunderstorm didn’t do any (serious) damage, even if there were lightning and thunder like mad, with strong gusts of wind and just a few thin pellets of hail.

We had left for Floresville, for an early supper, soon after 4 p.m. At that time dark clouds were moving in from the east. But even when we left the restaurant after supper at around 6, there was no rain. That only started around Poth, ca. 20 miles from here. But then it really poured: plenty of water on the highway and in the ditches. Turkey Creek – between here and Hobson – was rapidly filling. Well, the water there and in the ditches indicated that it must have started earlier here. And when we turned onto our property, the cattle guard was flooded and there were wide puddles in the driveways and on the lawn.

Meanwhile it has stopped raining. There are a few drops only from time to time, and there’s some lightning far away still, but that’s all. But the weatherforecast said that the atmosphere is still very unstable so that we’ll have a good chance of more thunderstorms like this one for the next two days. Where exactly they’ll occur can’t be forecast, though. What’s good, though, is the fact that the jetstream is way too far to the north for tornadoes to occur.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

3 responses to “Five Inches of Rain …

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  2. Nothing better than sitting on the porch watching an evening thunderstorm roll through. There’s something peaceful about it.


    • Hi Randall,
      As much as I’d enjoy sitting on the porch watching SOME rain, in THAT thunderstorm I wouldn’t have wanted to sit on the porch. With the wind blowing the rain [quite a downpour] onto the porch and even under our living-room door, I’d have been drenched in a minute or two! And I wasn’t in such a desperate need of a shower! 😉
      Take care,

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