Our “zoo’s” most recent addition – Bixby:



He came, as it’s quite often the case hereabouts, by as a stray about 3 weeks ago and immediately liked it here. Meanwhile has has made himself quite at home here, even if the proper ranking – especially between him and Pepper – still has to be fought out. But he seems to be able to more than just hold his ground, even if Pepper is much bigger a cat, and fatter.  😉  A few days ago I watched Bixby chase Pepper down the garden, all the way to the fence in the back.

As a stray, Bixby, btw, brought the cat flu with him. That’s a frequent and quite aggressive virus among the strays hereabouts, as Dr. Patton said. And promptly Frankie, Oprah and Oliver in turn got this virus, too. Zsa Zsa and Pepper, who only stay outside and very likely didn’t have as close a contact with Bixby, didn’t get sick. Bixby himself got very sick, btw, because just during the incubation time he had had his (first) vaccinations and was fixed, both of which very likely weakened his immune system. He was at Dr. Patton’s animal hospital as an inpatient for more than a week. Frankie got the virus quite strongly, too, even if not quite as bad as Bixby. But he, too, had to stay at Dr. Patton’s for a few days, as had Oprah and Oliver. We were regular patrons at Dr. Patton’s for quite some time, and his wife once joked that as much a she liked to see me it didn’t have to be with sick animals all the time.

Addendum: together with Sally’s treatment after her encounter with the javalinas, that virus cost us quite a penny, quite close to $ 2,000, I guesstimate.

On the photo, btw, the spot where Dr. Patton shaved Bixby’s right lef to treat his wounds from fighting can clearly be seen.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

4 responses to “Bixby

  1. Hi Bixby,
    nice to meet you!
    Lucky you to have been adopted by Mary and Pit. Gosh, the cat flu is seriously a frightening thing, not only expensive to get rid off.

    Get well soon, all of you!


    • Hi Dina,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, I agree, that cat flu was something. And, togheter with Sally’s javalina-wounds, really quite expensive. But all the cats are ok again, and Sally’s on the mend, too.
      Best regards from southern TX,

  2. All the best animals are strays who “adopt” you. BTW, no country place should be without an outside cat, though around here, they have to be wary of coyotes and foxes.


    • Hi Randall,
      I’m sorry I haven’t answered this comment of yours earlier. I think you’re right: stray animals can be so grateful. And we have to be wary of coyotes, too, plus snakes, and javalinas.
      Take care, and have a good one,

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