The Tornadoes …

… have – thank goodness – bypassed us last night [there were quite a few some miles to the west], but still, with the wind blowing with over 40 mph in gusts, and all that lightning and thunder, it was pretty awesome for quite some time. We were really lucky, though, that nothing stronger than those wind gusts [there were frequent reports of more-than-golfball-size hail, besides the tornadoes] hit us, and that we managed to get some good rain [1.75 inches9 out of it. Well, somewhat more would have been appreciated. I’ve never experienced such gusts around here so far. They blew around all our garden furniture, and before it got blown all over the property, Mary and I had to go out between midnight and 1 a.m to put everything in the garage.

All of that was caused by a upper-level low plus it’s accompanying cold-front that had been coming for a few days, fuelled by the extremely humidity-saturated air we had in the days before. But now it has cooled down nicely. The forecast, though, is for some wonderful dry and warm weather. Let’s see what the spring flowers will do now, after the rain, with warm weather and plenty if sunshine.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


6 responses to “The Tornadoes …

  1. There are a lot of definitions but you’re probably right; it runs from Dallas through Oklahoma and Kansas to St. Louis.


  2. Cool thing about being a German in Tornado Alley; You get used to it and instead of cowering in fear, you watch the storms on your porch.

    BTW, I recommend a Weather Radio which is programmable to wake you up with an alarm if a tornado threatens your county. They’re about sixty bucks on Amazon.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for the advice as to a Weather Radio. That might keep us from staying up watching tv or checking on the computer if there might be tornadoes. Re “tornado alley”: I don’t think down here we’re actually in that area, even if we do get tornadoes sometimes. Isn’t tornado alley somewhat more towards the north and east, extending way up through the midwest?
      Best regards,

  3. Hui, bin ich froh, dass nur die Gartenmöbel durch die Gegen gewirbelt wurden! Ich möchte nie einen richtigen Tornado live erleben…

    Liebe Grüße

    • Hallo Wolke,
      wir sind auch froh, dass es nur die Gartenmöbel waren. Und einen Tornado möchten wir wirklich auch nicht erleben. Da wäre unser Haus nämlich hin, weil es die typische bauweise hier ist: nur ein Holzgerüst innen. Und die Steine außen sind kein richtig solides Mauerwerk, sondern mehr oder weniger Verblendung. Halt’ uns mal die Daumen, dass Tornados nicht zu nahe kommen. Gott sei Dank leben wir ja hier nicht in der richtigen “tornado alley”.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

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