You Know You’re from/in San Antonio If …

Our local paper, the San Antonio Express-News, had that article in today’s edition, publishing their readers’ responses to the question what it is that makes San Antonio unique. Here there are my favourite ones. For all of them, go to San Antonio-Express-News/S.A. Life.

You know you’re from/in San Antonio if …

  • you think 95 degrees in the middle of summer is a chilly day
  • your neighborhood often smells like BBQ on Sundays, especially during football season
  • you have a bean and cheese taco and a Dr Pepper for breakfast
  • you understand the dire implications of parking under a tree at sunset when the grackles are getting ready to roost
  • a 90-degree August day is considered a cold front
  • you consider cactus decorative lawn flora
  • there’s been road work on your street since 1998
  • you believe using a turn signal is a sign of weakness
  • you text, tweet and email all your friends every time it rains
  • you are on the streets of Paris and you hope that there is a Taco Cabana around the corner
  • you eat fish with gravy
  • your idea of health food is a few cheese and bean breakfast tacos
  • it is over 100 degrees and you believe Thanksgiving must be next week
  • you know that if someone has their turn signal on, it’s probably a factory defect
  • the true value of a parking spot isn’t determined by the distance to the door, but by the amount of available shade
  • you know that the Chili Bowl is a football game
  • you have seen Hummers parked in “compact car” parking spaces
  • you have see bus patrons waiting in the shade of a telephone pole
  • you’re frequently dodging potholes on residential streets
  • your wedding is catered by Bill Miller
  • it’s raining hard and all the local stations interrupt scheduled programs to cover the weather
  • after returning from a vacation, you stop at Taco Cabana on the way home from the airport
  • you don’t consider wearing cowboy boots with a tiara to be a wardrobe faux pas
  • you spent Christmas Day in 96-degree weather
  • you closely follow the aquifer or mountain cedar pollen levels, depending on the season
  • you know what day of the week it is by the specials at your favorite Mexican food restaurant.
  • tacos are for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner
  • eating healthy means choosing the wheat bun at Whataburger
  • one inch of snow is a “once in a lifetime” experience
  • you don’t need a tanning booth to tan
  • every other car is a pick-up truck

8 responses to “You Know You’re from/in San Antonio If …

  1. Pit–While roaming around your blog, I found this wonderful piece. I was born and raised in San Antone (sp?) but left at age 13 for Virginia, Pennsylvania and California. Your list brings back so many great memories, and it made me LOL. Folks in other parts of the world just don’t know how important Whataburger is to San Antonio culture. Thanks.

    Mike McGuire

  2. San Antonio is a place I need to explore. Yet something else to do in my dotage.


    • Hi Randall,
      Yep, San Antonio is well worth a visit. Whenever you’ll be there, just give us a shout and we could meet.
      Best regards,

  3. Sooooo, I gather tacos are a big thing in San Antonio and it’s really hot? 🙂 These were really funny! Many apply up here in West Texas as well by the way.

    • Hi Sabrina,
      Yes, they’re really funny, aren’t say? And of course many of them would apply up there in West Texas, too. Re tacos: I don’t think they’re (that much) bigger in SA, but they’re really very frequent around here.
      Best regards,

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